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Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Jul 28, 2019
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log Maldives Aggressor 2

From July 28th  to Aug 4th, 2019.

Best of Maldives


Water temperature: 29-30°C.

Visibility: 15-25 meters



Captain: Rauf, Hussain

Cruise director: Tony

Jr. CD: Sarah

Engineer: Wanni

Instructor: Adam, Audrey

Dive guide: Ripon

Chef: Isuru & Kasun

Crew: Sultan, Romesh, Alam & Gloria


Dive tender crew:

Captain: Arey

Crew: Alamin & Sojib





Sue, Chris, Zack, Kevin, Sherry, Carolyn, Maria, Guillem, Keunwoo, Yunjin, Marinilka, David, Maciej, Michele & Dan


Dives Sites:


Monday: Lankkan Reef, Fish factory, Kudagiri Wreck, Virivaru Giri
Tuesday:, Kandhooma thila, Medhu Faru, Miyaru Kandu, Alymathaa Jetty

Wednesday: Kudira thila, Lux Out reef, Vilamendhoo Thila

Thursday: Machachafushi wreck, Mahibadoo, Radhdhigga Thila

Friday: Moofushi Rock, Himandhoo Thila, Fish head, Maya Lagoon

Saturday: Maya Thila


Sunday, July 28th:

We welcome on board 14 guests, and they were introduced to their home for the week and had an overall captains briefing followed by a well appreciated dinner in which all guests begin to know each other’s, then we give them a general briefing about diving operation. In this group we have 2 people doing the Nitrox course and one person doing SSI Advanced Adventurer.


Monday July 29th:

For the check dive we went to Lankkan Reef.  We’ve had 15-20 m visibility and a slight current so we jumped in on the north side and drifted along the wall. It was a nice and easy dive and we saw a huge school of batfish, nudibranchs, octopus and a few turtles. For the second dive we went to fish factory, there was a slight current so we went back and forth under the jetty where all the giant and honey comb moray aggregate to feed, we also saw many sting rays, ghost pipefish, scorpion fish, to mention a few. This dive was very appreciated among out guests. Third dive of the day was Kudagiri Wreck where we dived the wreck but also enjoyed the beautiful wall as a drift dive. Forth and last dive of the day was a night dive at Virivaru Giri, we saw lots of small critters such as shrimp, squid and turtles sleeping. Back to the main boat for a well-deserved dinner!


Tuesday, July 30th:

First dive was done at Kandhoma Thila, a large pinnacle in the middle of the channel. This early morning dive was absolutely amazing with lots of sharks, eagle rays, schools of Jacks and Tuna.


Third dive of the day was at Miyaru Kandu, a large channel with a strong current in the start of the dive. We hooked ourselves on and spent first part of the dive to watch the grey reef sharks swim by. Second part of the dive was spent looking at the beautiful wall with lots of reef fish and plenty of lobsters. On the way back we saw two mantas on the surface and everyone jumped in for an afternoon snorkel with the beautiful reef mantas. We also did a night dive at Alymathaa house reef, near the resort’s jetty, as the current was mild, we stopped on a sandy area at 14m and watch at the nurse sharks and sting ray swimming around us. Evening was ended in the best possible way with a great steak dinner!


Wednesday, July 31st:

The morning dive was at Kudira thila where we had a strong current but a great dive! We passed under the arch to admire the countless schools of yellow snappers and groupers hiding from the current. We ended the dive on top of the pinnacle to admire the countless reef fish, and no wonder this place is often referred to as “fish soup”!

For the second dive we looked for whale sharks and we were lucky enough to snorkel with a 6 m whale shark in shallow water that stayed with us for a few minutes, then we made the dive next to Lux Out Reef and had a very relaxing drift dive where we saw octopus, a turtle, a few scorpion fish, and some boxer shrimp hiding in a small cave. Finally, third dive was done at Vilamendhoo Thila where we saw some white-tip sharks passing by in the blue! Back to the main boat for dinner and some late night fishing.


Thursday, August 1st:

Our first dive was at MV Kudima in Machchafushi island with 10-15 m visibility. The 65m long cargo wreck is open for divers the explore the inside of the ship and the wheel house and we saw stone fish and nurse sharks resting on the bottom. On the dhoni ride to our second dive of the day, we noticed 3 manta rays on the surface and everyone jumped in for a pre-dive snorkel. Second dive of the day was at Mahibadoo, a cleaning station for manta rays and we were so fortunate to have 4 manta rays staying with us for a full hour, simply stunning! Third dive of the day was done at

Radhdhigga thila, a 120-meter-long pinnacle just below the surface, with lots of beautiful overhangs and small critters to enjoy. We also saw a juvenile mobula ray resting and some reef sharks. The rest of the evening and afternoon was spent at an island for a beach BBQ dinner.


Friday, August 2nd:

For the first dive of the day we went to Moofushi and we saw a school of white tips sharks and grey reef sharks, three eagle rays and a leaf scorpion fish. Second dive of the day was at Himandhoo Thila, with a strong current and 25-30-meter visibility. Again we saw eagle rays, white tip and grey reef sharks and one group even saw a marlin on 2 meters!

We dove Fish head for the third dive of the day, and we saw grey reef sharks, giant trevallies and tunas hunting, we also found a hawksbill turtle and some beautiful mantis shrimp. Fourth and final dive of the day was done at Maya Lagoon as a manta night dive and oh, what a joy it was to observe 3-4 graceful mantas feeding at night!


Saturday August 3rd:

For our last dive of this trip we dove Maya Thila. Despite a strong current, we had a nice final dive with lots of curious grey reef sharks, eagle rays and turtles. Back to the main boat for a cocktail reception, this week we had 7 iron divers! The afternoon was spent in male enjoying the fruit markets and points of interest before we moved to a nice rooftop bar for dinner.


It’s been a great week with wonderful guests and lots of laughter, what a great way to start this diving season in the Maldives! Thanks again for joining us this trip along the Mistral Maldives Aggressor 2, we hope to see you again soon!


Maldives aggressor II team