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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


OKEANOS II                                                                                             

Aggressors Captains Log 

Water Temp 75-80F Visibility 50-60Ft Wetsuits  5mm, thermoclines often

Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez, Chef Esteban and Jairol, Engineer Miguel, Steward Eduardo, Panga drivers Jorge and Jeyhler, Dive inst Carlos,   Photos and Video: Anibal.

Dive Site :  Chatham Bay, Manuelita, Dirty Rock, Punta Maria, Isla Pajara, Viking Rock, Dos Amigos Grandes , Dos Amigos Pequeña, Alcyone, Manuelita Garden

This trip started with a slightly unsteady crossing, but then the sea seemed to go calmer by the end of the trip.  Check out dive was finished and we went to Manuelita deep. Well, it couldnt have started any better, Tiger shark was there  as soon as we ascended; it then disappeared to return a few minutes later with plenty of great photos taken!

 Second day our choices were : Dirty rock and Punta Maria.  We saw the sight that cocos is famous for at both sites, the big schools of hammerheads flying gracefully above our heads. We then turned around the pinnacle and struggled to focus our eyes on the sight of more than a thousand big eyed jacks, it was a huge school and such a specular sight. Looking for the hammerheads ,we were surprised to get such a close up of two turtles starting to mate right there in front of our eyes,( not a very common sight ).

 We were diving close to them but we had to move away  as the turtles didnt care we were in their way.The Galapagos sharks in Punta Maria were being cleaned  and got really close to us  today too. In afternoon we thought we would take a relaxing macro dive at Viking rock and Pajara island, but excitement returned at Viking when 2 huge Galapagos sharks came really close and several hammerheads swam by. 


Pajara Island also didnt disappoint a group of 8 hammerheads as we descended, then eagle rays, marble rays and two beautiful frog fishes . All this action with little currents and temperatures around 27 in the water...wow!

Day three got even better; Alcyone was worth the choppy sea when we ascended to well over 100 hammerheads, unbelievable excitement. They came in close and slowly and the divers had some fantastic close ups of these magnificent sharks. Manuelita didnt disappoint either, immediately into the water we were treated to 2 manta gracefully gliding around us and some awesome photos and video were taken, then soon after a group of about 20 really big hammerheads meandered past us. The thermoclines are opening up some wicked encounters and the divers are so happy, its a high five after each and every dive so far. Day 5 and where do I begin, the sun came today which was very welcome and dive 1 Alcyone was breathtaking! Schooling hammerheads that just kept coming and coming, then when we were on the safety stop we ventured into the blue together to the sight of 5 tranquil moble rays and two cheeky dolphins, it was a high 5 all round. On our way back to Alcyone for the 2nd dive and we stopped the panga to take in a spectacular sight of Dolphin on the surface, really close to the boat. We needed 5 minutes before getting into the water just to capture our breath! The diving for this week has been wonderful, the conditions perfect and our guests terrific. 

Dont forget AMAZING DIVING WITH TWO WHALE SHARK two time really close and friendly....


Thanks to our divers this for an awesome week of laughter and diving!