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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Sunday, Jul 28, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

July 28th-August 3rd 2019



Visibility: 60-100 feet

Temperature- 80-85 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 0-3mm


Captain: Rodney

Instructor: Luis

Video Pro: Rob

Photo Pro: Caleb

Chef: Dorian

Instructor: Ellen


Dive Sites: Crab Wall, Black Tip Wall, Whale Shark Wall, Austin Smith, Split Coral Head, Jakes Hole, Hole in the Wall.



Our Guests: Leif, John, Lynn, Ian, Lu, Karl, Chuck, Mary, Erick, Sylvie, Kate, Janice, Joanna



After coming aboard promptly at four pm, the crew and guests all got to know each other over drinks and charcuterie before a safety briefing from our video pro and divemaster, Rob. We set off for the Exuma islands to prepare for the following day’s diving plan.  After a delicious dinner by our very own in-house chef, Dorian, everyone settled into their cabins after a long day of travel.



After a delicious French toast breakfast from our French chef, Dorian, we jumped in at Crab Wall for our first dive around the Exumas Islands.  We saw a huge barracuda, French angel fish, and a couple of lobsters hiding in the huge ravines leading to a deep wall covered in finger sponges and cascading algae vines.  We moved to Dog Rocks, a fabulous deep dive with swim throughs leading out to the deep wall.  We saw a hawksbill, African Pompano, midnight parrotfish, and two lucky guests even spotted an eagle ray cruising along the wall. After lunch we saw a golden eel hidden in a crevice and a school of Atlantic Spadefish swam past as we came out the swim through.  We enjoyed a shallow dive at Madison Avenue, where Sargant fish and yellow-tail snapper swarm the healthy coral reef. During the night dive a giant grouper greeted us just under the boat.  After a warming up with a cup of hot chocolate and baileys, the divers star-gazed on the sundeck before sauntering off to bed. 


We hoped in just after 8 am at Black Tip Wall for an early morning dive off the deep wall, where we saw a filefish, and a friendly Caribbean reef shark circled the divers just under the boat! A couple of divers even played chicken with this curious reef shark.  We moved to Whale Shark Wall for our next dive, while we enjoyed chef Dorians delicious Banana Bread.  During our dive, we swam through the deep ravines with purple sponges, and orange finger sponges until we reached the drop off and its infinite blue. We also had a couple of huge barracudas during our two dives here, as well as the occasional reef shark cruising over the top of the wall. After lunch we arrived at the Austin Smith for a highly anticipated shark dive on the wreck sitting at about sixty feet.  We enjoyed quite the show as the sharks swam over the divers down on the wreck. Binx, a resident Nassau grouper, was his usual charismatic self; letting all divers pet him. Starvin Marvin, our resident Bahamian Grouper, was also present for the shark dive, carefully guarding the scent triangle. The shark hung around for our night dive here, as well as banded coral shrimp and a huge Channel Crab. 



 We jumped in at Hole in the Wall for our early morning dive. As we swam along the top of the wall, we dropped down into a hole in the reef at 60 feet and swam twenty feet down through the tunneling reef to 90 feet off the edge of the wall! The infinite blue at the end of the tunnel is something to see in and of itself.  We also spotted a lettuce leaf slug, barracudas, and a queen angel fish.  We moved the island to Split Coral for another shark dive. The Caribbean reef sharks are a bit bigger here and the 40-foot coral head in the sand is a great place to look for reef fish and macro.  During our two dives here, we saw a juvenile angelfish, an assortment of blennies, crabs, and over twenty sharks. We went to Jakes Hole, a crew favorite for the afternoon and night dive. It did not disappoint; we saw the elusive juvenile drum and even a neck crab exposed on a purple sea fan.  After the night dive, we enjoyed a lightning storm in the distance with a cup of hot chocolate and baileys. 



We left Eleuthera before the dawn to reach Pillar Wall in the Exumas after breakfast. During our first dive at this deep and topographically stunning site with huge coral pillars emerging from the depths, we saw a white-spotted moray eel, and a curious shark circled a few divers on their safety stop.  Scrumptious chocolate chip cookies awaited us when we returned from our morning dive, as we moved to the next site: Barracuda Shoals. This healthy, shallow reef is teeming with life. Instructor Ellen found a juvenile tawny nurse shark, and we spotted a lot of moray eels, little crabs, and beautiful reef fish such as a juvenile French angel fish.  We explored this fish nursery for one more dive before moving to the Lost Blue Hole for a night dive.  Our final night dive here in the Bahamas was one for the books.  We had three ancient loggerheads dancing over the blue hole just in front of the divers.  There were also mating southern sting rays to top it off!


We dived bright and early the next morning at the Blue Hole where we saw many Southern Stingrays, sharks, and a few Pederson shrimp hiding in a corkscrew anemone.  We moved to Periwinkle, for a fish-filled dive at this beautiful shallow reef.  Sergeant fish swarmed the divers as they jumped in, while trumpet fish and angel fish hid in the healthy reef sponges and sea fans.  We headed back to the Marina for an eventful cocktail party, where we reminisced the week and awarded two Iron Diver medals.  We exchanged emails, said our goodbyes, and thanked the sea gods for another wonderful week in the Bahamas! See you next weekJ