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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 03, 2019
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 34C / 90F

Water Temp: 30C/86F

Visibility: 50 m / 155 feet

Weather: Warm, clear skies, calm sea

Itinerary: Southern Route


Highlights: Hammerhead sharks, spinner dolphins, oceanic white tip sharks, napoleon wrasse



Captain: Sayed

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides: Ekaterina & Rashad

Chef(s):  Sherif & Abdalla

Steward(s): Ali & Hegazy

Seamen: Abdou & Abdou & Hossam & Ahmed


GUESTS: Brian, Jeremy, Darrel, Amanda, Greg, Joe, Andrea and Jack, Rebecca and Jose, Maureen and Robert, Thomas, Gia, Nyle, Christina and Matt, Chris, Rickie, Albert



Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Umm Wasl

Monday – Daedalus Reef

Tuesday –  St. John’s Paradise, Caverns, Abu Deab, Sataya

Wednesday – Sataya, Dolphin house, Malahi, Shaab Claudia

Thursday – Elphinstone, Abu Dabab 3

Friday – Shaab Abu Dabab 2, Marsa Mobarak


Welcome Aboard!

20 guests from USA arrived about 4 pm and settled in with a light lunch of pizza. They were briefed for the week ahead and had the first dinner on board. They all settled really quick and seemed ready for their adventure.


Sunday 4th August

Our check out and the second dives were at Marsa Shouna. Water was warm with great visibility. All divers were happy to get wet and refresh their underwater skills. What great two dives we did with wealth of marine life. We found many scorpion fish, blue spotted stingrays, schooling bat fishes, fusiliers and indo-pacific sergeants, massive giant moray eels, one of those was free swimming, yellow margin moray and several pip fish.

The afternoon and night dives were scheduled for Umm Wasl. Nice and shallow place with lots of fire corals and we saw lots of feather stars on the top of them. We also saw basket stars, eel and plenty shrimps.

After dinner we unmoored and left the coastline, travelling to the direction of Daedalus reef.


Monday 5th August 

We spent the day at Daedalus reef and completed 4 dives at this beautiful reef.  Visibility was clear up to 140ft with a view hammerhead sharks, Napoleon wrasses, barracudas, trevallies, anemones, anthias and colorful corals. We visited the lighthouse and watched the sunset from the top. The weather was great and sea was calm, so we unmoored and left the reef afterwards. We headed south to St. John’s, having our dinner on the way.


Tuesday 6th August

Woke up to a beautiful and clear day. First dive was at Paradise reef, where we enjoyed the underwater landscape with outstanding pinnacles and swimthrough.

 We saw napoleon wrasse, moray eel, beautiful risbecia and dart fish.

Second dive we explored swimtrough of St.John’s caverns. It was fun and on the way back to the boat we met our friend Napoleon wrasse.

Guests were back in the water at 4 pm for the last day dive at Abu Deab. We saw schools of black snappers, fusilier fish and blue spotted stingrays. Night dive was on Sataya reef where we found Spanish dancer, porcupine fish, crabs and much more.


 Wednesday 7th August

We started the on diving the Sataya Reef. Not only did we enjoy some awesome underwater coral garden but also saw many blue spotted stingrays, school of banner fish, a file fish, Emperor angel fish and a juvenile Napoleon Wrasse, Very Nice! We then had so much fun swimming with a pod of spinner dolphins. Next up was amazing maze of Shaab Malahi, where we encountered two free swimming moray eels and a wart slug. To finish our Wednesday, the Red Sea Aggressor traveled to one of our favorite dive sites in Fury Shoal area called Shaab Claudia. There’s so many swimthroughs, the entrances and exits are hiding between gorgeous mountain corals and we completed the day exploring the dive site. Just a few things we saw here at night: Basket stars, Feather stars, Spanish Dancer, sponge carrier crab, spider crabs, reef cusk eel, Scorpion fish and tiger flatworm.


Thursday 8th August                         

Three dives were at Elphinstone reef. We explored the southern and northern plateau, eastern and western walls. We saw schooling yellow and black snappers, a hundred fusilier fish, two turtles, Napoleon wrasse, moray eel, pipe fish and two Oceanic white tip sharks. Guests certainly enjoyed their dives at this beautiful reef.

We spent the remainder of the day at Abu Dabab 3, where our divers had very relaxing dive with anemones, massive moray eel, scorpion fish and more.

Night dive was at the same dive site. Divers saw sea urchins, feather stars, sea star, worm cucumber, two cuttle fish and shrimp’s eyes shone everywhere.


Friday 9th August

First dive was at Abu Dabab 2 . Our guests were very glad to see local coral garden and a wreck. Later we swam to unique red anemone and we found a couple of blue spotted stingrays on our way to the boat.

Our last dive of the trip was at Marsa Mobarak, where we took a picture of the group before the lunch and our journey back to Port Ghalib.

6 pm was a cocktail party. The group of happy divers enjoyed the sunset on the sundeck, celebrating our week of diving. We then handed out the certification for Iron Diver and milestone awards.


Iron Diver: Jeremy, Brian, Jose, Albert, Chris, Rickie, Thomas, Robert, Gia, Andrea

Milestone: Jeremy 800 dives, Brian 700 dives


Red Sea Aggressor 1 Crew