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Okeanos Aggressor Crew
Welcome to Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cano Island, Costa Rica

Diving Details:
  • Whale Sharks, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, White-tip Sharks, Tuna, Manta Rays, Turtles and Giant Frogfish
  • All dives from tenders
  • Water temperature: 72 - 82F, 22 - 28C with cooler thermoclines
  • 3 - 5 mm wetsuit recommended

  • No night diving is currently offered at Cocos Island.
  • 8-night charters:  up to 17 dives

  • 10-night charters: up to 24 dives

Diving From Tenders:
  • Number of Tenders: 2

  • Length: 8 ft x 22 ft. All diving is from tenders. 

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Capt. Mauricio
Mauricio Marin Cajina (Captain)

Captain Mauricio was born in Nicoya Guanacaste, Costa Rica. When not working as Captain of the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II™ (formerly Wind Dancer), he resides with his wife and  children in Guanacaste. When he is home, he enjoys watching educational programs on television. Mauricio considers himself very lucky that he has been able to turn his passion for diving into a vocation and truly enjoys leading the Wind Dancer team. In addition to his duties as Master of the vessel, Mauricio is also an SSI,TDI, and NAUI instructor and an avid underwater photographer.
Anibal has a constant smile on his face and you will always find him laughing and singing on his panga. He has been working onboard the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR I™ for over 10 years. He is a PADI Divemaster, panga driver and fearless Captain when Beto is off. Anibal loves diving and all the time he has off he spends with his wife and child who can't wait to start diving. He lives in Barranca, Puntarebas, but he is originally from Nicaragua. 
Luis , 38 years old, was born and raised in Barranca, Puntarenas. He has been working as a panga driver and as an engineer for over 8 years on the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR I™. Luis has a teenage son who he likes to spend most of his free time playing futbol with.
Miguel has been working on the sea for over 10 years as an engineer and he recently joined us on the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR I™. He is Mimoso's brother, our sister -  OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II's Captain. He actually lives in La Garita, Alajuela and since he was a kid he always had mechanics as his hobby. When not in the engine room, you will see him helping the dive deck crew members assisting you. When on the island, if you are interested in having a look at the engine room, he will be pleased to do so. 
Leo is the head chef onboard. He has the sweetest character ever, and he is always willing to please everybody with his different recipes. He cooks Costa Rican specials along with international food. If there is any specific diet or menu you would like to have onboard, please let us know and Leo will be more than happy to cook it for you. Leo is also from Puntarenas, and he loves to jog to be in shape. He has worked in different hotels all over Costa Rica and he has been on OKEANOS AGGRESSOR I™ for over 3 years.

Xavier is 23 years old, and he is been working on the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR I™ for the last 5 months. He is originally from Puntarenas in a place called Barranca. Xavier works as a panga driver onboard. He loves football, and every time he has a chance he tries to go to the island and have a short game with other crew members and guests. 
 Douglas Sequeira


Douglas is either the chef assistant, steward or the head chef onboard; depending on the shift. He has been working onboard for over 9 years now and his ceviches, either mango or fish are something else! When onboard, if you have any special diet, or just anything you really like, go and talk to him, and he will be more than happy to cook it or prepare it for you.
 Osayuki Sakata


Everybody calls him Osa.  Our waiter onboard is half Japanese - half Costa Rican, and he also lives in Puntarenas. With a very cheerful personality, he has been working in the hospitality business for a long time now, and he has recently joined the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR I™. He loves all water activities and loves going to the island for a little walk when he has some time between meals. Osa also works sometimes on our sister boat - Wind Dancer, so you might find him on either of them.