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Silver Banks of the Dominican Republic

Snorkel Environment:
  • All snorkeling activity is from the chase boats. Most guests make 2 whale runs each   day which last 1 1/2 - 3 hours each depending on the proximity of whale activity and time of day.
  • Water temperature: 78 - 80F.
  • 3mm wetsuit and full foot fins for free diving are recommended.
Whale Watching and In Water Tenders:
  • Number of Tenders: 2

  • Length:18 feet x 5 feet

Capt. AmandaCaptain Amanda Smith,
If you had asked her where she saw herself in the future 10 years ago; Captain of the TURKS & CAICOS AGGRESSOR II™ is not something that she would have foreseen. Still here she is and enjoying it immensely. Very different from the claims department of an insurance company, of which she was a Claim Manager for several years.

Having always enjoyed the outdoors; rock climbing, kayaking and mountain biking, scuba diving just seemed like a natural progression, another challenge to conquer. Turkey was the destination to start it all off, followed by some extensive diving in the chilly waters of the UK. And so started a passion that has endured.

Even now having been onboard the Aggressor in Turks & Caicos for over five years she is still discovering different and sometimes unusual critters and if not different then just enjoying the behaviour of the usual suspects. Add to that the chance to share these underwater treasures with our guests – the perfect job!  Marine animals of all shapes and sizes: sharks, turtles, eagle rays, sting rays, snails and slugs to name but a few and of course the much under appreciated sea cucumber – someone has to love them – Amanda is that person!
Rob Smith
Robert Smith

Always a lover of the ocean, Rob started diving when he was just eighteen years of age and very quickly became an instructor, diving between the UK, from where he originates and Egypt.  A mechanic by trade, working on Land Rovers and Jaguars, he discovered that he could transfer his skills from car to marine and worked in the Maldives for a short while before settling in the Turks & Caicos Islands working first for a day boat operator and now onboard the Aggressor, where you can find him either tinkering with the engines or shooting underwater stills.  

Sarah Pearson

Alex Brett
Originally hailing from a small town on the coast of Maine, Alex grew up sailing and generally messing about on the water. He continued to pursue that passion through achieving a bachelor’s degree in marine science and a SCUBA instructor’s certification, which he followed up with a brief period working as a fisheries scientist in the Bering Sea before returning to his chief passion of diving. After several years splitting the year between passenger vessels in Southeast Alaska during the summer and teaching diving in the winter, Alex joined the fleet on the Belize Aggressor IV in 2016. Now on the Turks and Caicos Aggressor II, Alex is excited to continue sharing the wonders of the underwater world of the Caribbean. He has a special fondness for hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, and other often underappreciated reef critters.

Chace GaudreauChace Gaudreau
Chef Chace Gaudreau grew up in a small town outside of New York City, learning in his formative years how to cook from his father, a former Chef. This instilled in him at a young age a love for the culinary arts. He moved to Denver, Colorado to further his cooking career in a different city and worked his way to Head Chef of a small Italian bistro, Chef Chace set his sights higher, and found himself in a line chef position under “Top Chef” champion, Jon Tasar. After several years in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Chef Chace took to the seas with the Aggressor Fleet to put his culinary prowess to the test in the vibrant blue waters of Turks and Caicos.  He is a newly certified diver and very excited about experiencing all that the islands have to offer underwater.

James Whittlw

James Whittle
Growing up in Zimbabwe and taking to the water at a young age with boating and fishing on Lake Kariba spurred his love for the outdoors and a lifetime on the water. Moving to the sunny coastal city of Durban, South Africa he discovered the wonders of the ocean and learned to SCUBA dive at the age of 12 where he encountered his first sharks. Studying IT in Software Development he found a new passion for problem solving and the technical ways of life. Taking a break from IT he become a dive instructor and gained his maritime qualifications before working on private yachts in the Mediterranean. Missing the diving side of life he found his way to us at Aggressor which has kindled his interest in marine engineering.