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The crewing requirements of each yacht are specified by the regulations of the country it operates in and her registry flag state. These regulations typically require the yacht to give preferential treatment to hiring citizens (or residents with rights to work) of the country that the yacht is operating in.    

When skills and certifications are not available locally, the yachts are allowed to hire foreign workers and purchase on their behalf permits that allow them to work within that country. If you are selected for employment we will assist you in this process.

The skilled positions within the fleet that may qualify for work permits are Captains, Cruise Directors, Engineers, Chefs, and Dive Instructors.    Positions for Divemasters, Stewards, and Galley Assistants are almost always filled locally.

Once all the rules are followed – the reality is there are more opportunities for foreign workers for employment with the Caribbean (5 yachts), Hawaii, and Palau (2 yachts) based yachts.

Opportunities in the remote locations are typically limited to skilled crewmembers who have had prior experience on another Aggressor Fleet® yacht, and are willing to accept the responsibility for training local crew members and ensuring the brand standards are followed.

There are two common managment/chain of command organizational structures used on the yachts:

CAPTAIN IN COMMAND: In this structure the Captain is in command of the maritime aspects of the yacht and is also responsible for all hotel and diving operations. All crewmembers answer to the Captain.

CAPTAIN & CRUISE DIRECTOR: In this structure the Captain is in command of all maritime aspects of the yacht and the maritime crew answer to the Captain. A Cruise Director is then responsible for interacting with all guests and managing the hotel and diving programs. Some of the crewmembers report to the Cruise Director. Together the Captain and Cruise Director work as a team. This model is typically used when the Captain and maritime team are from the operating country where English is not their first language.