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Positions Onboard

The Aggressor Fleet® strive to staff yachts with well-rounded, sensitive crew, both men and women, who enjoy sport diving and are willing to provide the highest levels of service.  It is the responsibility of each crew member to make every effort to ensure guests satisfaction while keeping our reputation as the “Ultimate in LiveAboards”.

At a minimum – all crewmembers are expected to have these traits:
Crewmembers are expected to maintain a professional attitude at all times and in accordance with the “Standard Operating Procedures”. We want “self-starters” who can anticipate guests needs and handle guest requests promptly.

Crewmembers are selected based on their personality and ability to relate to others. They must be able to maintain a good working relationship with fellow crewmembers and understand the needs and requirements of giving superior service.

Crew must maintain a professional appearance at all times and adhere to the fleet dress code while onboard and within the community.

What Else?
One factor that carries a lot of weight in the hiring process is “what else…”.  As a Dive Instructor you can instruct, supervise dives, and run the dive deck, but what else can you do? Do you enjoy cooking and can you work in the galley?  Do you have small engine or diesel engine repairs skills? Were you an electrician, plumber, or carpenter in a previous career?   

While not required for all positions, preferential consideration will be given to candidates who have obtained the STCW certification as a professional mariner. More details on this can be found at

Good Citizens:
If you are an ex-pat (non-resident of the country you will be working in) your yacht will typically be required to obtain a work permit on your behalf from the country your yacht operates in. In order to obtain a work permit, aplicants are screened in numerous ways including having to provide proof specialized skills qualifying them for the position, medical fitness and no criminal activity. Candidates whose permanent records include issues with law enforcement for items such as DUI's, drug possession, or more serioius criminal offenses may be unable to obtain a work permit.

We have a zero tolerance for illegal drugs and narcotics, and have a strict policy prohibiting the consumption of alcohol while on charter.  There is very limited space and time for smoking on board and preference is given to non-smoker candidates.

In addition, each specific position has its own unique set of requirements.  Be sure to review these for the positions you may be considering.