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Position Requirements - Chef

Our Chefs are culinary artists and passionate about food.  As a chef you are responsible for cooking three meals, plus two between meal healthy snacks for 20 passengers and 6-8 crew daily while delivering everything on time according to the ship’s daily schedule. Our Chefs are responsible for planning their own menus and shopping for supplies each week based on the dietary needs and requests from our guests.   Our chefs are strongly encouraged to use fresh local ingredients to support the local economy that they operate in.

Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay have nothing on our chefs.  Large professional kitchens, the best ingredients, and a staff of trained assistants make fine dining easy.   Our culinary geniuses produce incredible meals from a one person galley, on a yacht that is moving or rocking and rolling with the waves, with only the ingredients available from a market located in a developing part of the world that will vary week to week due to supply changes.  Yet each night dinner is served to tired divers and still provide the "WOW" to our guest pallets.  

Minimum Requirements:
  • Kitchen experience as Chef, Sous Chef, or Line Chef.
  • Ability to create and execute protein-based and vegetarian main courses.
  • Experience with menu planning and food costing, and working within a budget.
  • Ability to buy and portion food for multi-day trips.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Professional Chef/Culinary training.
  • Experience working and cooking onboard a ship/yacht, and/or remote location.
  • Certified diver.
  • STCW certification.
  • Non-smoker.
  Meet Jonathan Staber 
Jonathan is a professionally trained chef who started his career as the Chef on the Cayman Aggressor IV after having worked in numerous restaurants in the US as a line chef and sous chef.   As an avid recreational diver this seemed like the perfect job. After some time in the Cayman Islands, John packed his knives and joined the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II as their chef. Life at sea fit well for John and he realized that the Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet offered chef's a unique career opportunity. John returned to the Cayman Aggressor IV on the dive deck having earned his Divemaster certification. Under the mentorship and training offered by Captain Alan Roberts - John mastered the dive deck and started learning other areas of yacht operations. In 2014 Jonathan had accumulated enough sea time and completed the required courses to become a 200 ton licensed Captain. Today John is 2nd Captain of the Cayman Aggressor IV and serves as relief Captain.

The management skills and operating environment required to successfully operate a live-aboard dive yacht utilize many of the same fundamentals and principals taught in culinary schools.  The Aggressor Fleet have numerous Captains and Cruise Directors who began their journey in the galley.