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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Position Requirements - Chef

Our Chefs are culinary artists and passionate about food.  As a chef you are responsible for cooking three meals, plus two between meal healthy snacks for 20 guests and 6-8 staff daily while delivering everything on time according to the daily schedule. Our Chefs are responsible for planning their own menus and shopping for supplies each week based on the dietary needs and requests from our guests.   Our chefs are strongly encouraged to use fresh local ingredients to support the local economy that they operate in. Large professional kitchens, the best ingredients, and a staff of trained assistants make fine dining easy.  

Minimum Requirements:
  • Kitchen experience as Chef, Sous Chef, or Line Chef.
  • Ability to create and execute protein-based and vegetarian main courses.
  • Experience with menu planning and food costing, and working within a budget.
  • Ability to buy and portion food for multi-day trips.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Professional Chef/Culinary training.
  • Experience working and cooking onboard a ship/yacht, and/or remote location.
  • Certified diver.
  • STCW certification.
  • Non-smoker.