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Application & Hiring Process

We have created this micro-site to offer potential crew members a simple "one stop shop" so that you may apply for positions on any of the yachts in either fleet.  If you are interested in working in more than one destination – you only need to apply once in our system.  

Prior to submitting your application - please be sure that you have read all of our information pages and that you have reivewed the requirements and preferences for each position.   We have tried to be candid about the qualifications required for a given position.  If you still have questions - don't forget to check out the Employment FAQ page as well.

Potential crewmembers need to understand that all of the yachts in the Aggressor Fleet  are individually owned and operated.  Should you receive an offer of employment it comes from the yacht and its operating company. Crewmembers are not employees of the Aggressor Fleet.   

If a yacht is currently recruiting for a position, your contact details will be sent to the hiring department for that yacht(s). Your details will be forwarded to all yachts where your qualifications are a match. Assuming a yacht is actively recruiting, the recruitment department for that yacht will begin talking with you and confirming if this is a good match. As things progress you may even be invited for a trial week onboard.  

If a yacht is not actively recruiting – don’t panic.  We created this application system so that we can go back and review earlier applications when a position becomes available.   This is exactly why you are asked for a time frame of when you would be available for employment.

Competition for crew positons can be very competitive.   Some candidates work with local yacht hiring departments for upwards of a year before an opening becomes available that fits their qualifications. Other times though – we don’t receive much notice and need a crewmember ready to fly out to a yacht “yesterday”. 

If you are considering a career on an Aggressor Fleet liveaboard, it is a wise move to get your affairs and belongings in order, so that you can be fluid and be able to respond to any opportunity presented.

Before you apply for a position with us - be sure you have the following items:

*   A current resume that includes a photo of yourself.
*   All of your dive certifications.
*   All of your maritime certifications.
*   Contact details for 3 references.
*   A Skype address.  (It's free!)