12/2019 - Belize Aggressor III: "The trip was exceptional and the experience will last a life time"     
-- Kenneth J. , USA

12/2019 - Belize Aggressor III: "Quality of crew, food, dives, boat (quick nitrox refills), crew leadership, hot tub"     
-- Sharon E. , USA

11/2019 - Belize Aggressor III: "This was a fantastic crew! We had an absolutely great week of diving, and were impressed with the service."     
-- Jennifer V. , USA

12/2019 - Belize Aggressor III: "The crew were awesome. They made our trip wonderful!"     
-- Laureen M. , USA

01/2019 - Belize Aggressor III: "The crew, food, and diving were outstanding! I appreciated the additional emphasis on passenger safety during the safety briefing, the addition of the night watch, and shutting down the charging station at night. "     
-- Edward N. , USA