10/2019 - Palau Aggressor II: "it was the best trip I have had. the crew was all very helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating."     
-- John A. , USA

10/2019 - Palau Aggressor II: "Excellent crew, innovative skiff launch which the experienced divers loved, superb food and very clean vessel."     
-- Richard H. , United Kingdom

09/2019 - Palau Aggressor II: "Each crew member was so very friendly and hospitable -- and entertaining!! It was like being at summer camp, but better because there were no mosquitos, and there was epic diving. I had a wonderful experience!"     
-- Lori G. , USA

09/2019 - Palau Aggressor II: "All around superb. Some lovely small touches (hot towels and water after all the dives, free beer and wine), tremendous food and great hospitality. most importantly, the diving was outstanding."     
-- Lawrence B. , United Kingdom

09/2019 - Palau Aggressor II: "Excellent!! The water quality is fantastic. No trash!!! Sea live above expectations. The crew and the boat were outstanding! Diving was one of the best I have seen in terms of sea life and diversity (wall, reefs, wrecks, caves, lakes,..). The crew works very well together. "     
-- Karl Christoph B. , Switzerland