10/2019 - Red Sea Aggressor: "The crew helped don and doff all gear. Over the top diving service. Rinsing wetsuits after each dive, very nice. Boat crew, dive guides, diving all very good."     
-- Warren F. , USA

10/2019 - Red Sea Aggressor: "Our combination of 2 weeks of diving, a Nile cruise, and spending time in Cairo and Alexandria was the best! This variety provided us a wonderful way immerse ourselves in Egypt."     
-- Patricia G. , USA

08/2019 - Red Sea Aggressor: "The service is impressive. We were served drinks while gearing up and after. The staff helped us with the wetsuit, fins, equipment. I wish all liveaboards can do that. "     
-- Nelia L. , Philippines

08/2019 - Red Sea Aggressor: "The most attentive crew I have had in 5 liveaboards. Right down to being wrapped in a warm towel after each dive everything was well considered. Great Zodiac crews."     
-- Timothy H. , United Kingdom

08/2019 - Red Sea Aggressor: "The crew were amazing as expected. Anything we needed they provided. Just an all around great experience. "     
-- Nyle S. , USA