12/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "Top Crew! Service excellence and dive guides know everything we asked them awesome :)"     
-- Annica S. , Germany

12/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "This felt like a once in a lifetime kind of trip, but I truly hope it ends up being more than once in a lifetime! The diving in Galapagos is exceptional and I am thrilled I got to experience some of the wonders of this beautiful place. I hope to return again to relive the magic of the Galapagos."     
-- Kerryn O. , USA

12/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "It was the trip of a lifetime. Thanks to each and every member of the Crew."     
-- Luis Armando T. , Mexico

11/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "The crew were amazing! Lenny and Nelson were extremely knowledgeable dive guides, the whole crew worked very hard to give us the best experience possible."     
-- Benjamin P. , USA

10/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "Two fantastic guides, great diving, and a great diverse group of divers on the boat = 11 separate countries represented by 16 divers. A brilliant experience, could not have asked for better."     
-- Keith A. , USA