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Meet the Crew

Galapagos Dive Sites
Diving Environment:
  • June - November: The water is cooler, 60-75F, 16-24C; Whale Shark sightings are greater.

  • December - May: The water is warmer, clearer 70-86F, 21-30C; Larger schools of Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays and Eagle Rays.

  • All dives from tenders. Up to 20 dives are offered during the week.

  • 5 - 7mm wetsuit recommended. See Captain's Logs to get exact water temperatures.

Diving From Tenders:
  • Number of Tenders: 2

  • Length: 8 ft x 20 ft. All diving is from tenders. Shore excursions are offered during the week.

Juan Carlos Yepes - Captain
Captain Yepes love for the ocean started at a young age when he sailed the Pacific Ocean with his family of fishermen. Fascinated by the beauty of his birthplace, the Galapagos Islands, he was determined to make a career out of sailing and exploring the National Park. Juan Carlos has been onboard the GALAPAGOS AGGRESSOR™ for more than 17 years, his technical competences and his adhesion to safety make him an outstanding Captain!

Walter Torres
Open Water Scuba Instructor,  Galapagos Marine Reserve & Galapagos National Park Naturalist Guide
From Cuenca, the highlands of Ecuador. He has been in close contact with nature since very young. Walter joined us 18 years ago and has a natural talent to find the most unusual marine species.  His favorite species is the awkward Mola Molas, they resemble a fish head with a tail attached!

Ruben Intriago - Open Water Scuba Dive Master &  Galapagos Marine Reserve Guide
Rube has been working with Aggressor for more than 4 years. He is passionate about making sure everyone onboard is enjoying themselves. On his free time he enjoys practicing sports: he’s probably the best volleyball player on board (…but don’t mention it to the other crew members!)

Nelson Martinez - Open water Scuba Instructor & Galapagos Marine Reserve Guide
Nelson started his career in the Navy, where he worked as a treasure hunter searching for remains of a Spanish Galleon from 1576 off the coast of continental Ecuador.   After several years in the Navy he decided to refocus and start searching Galapagos Whale Sharks instead; he therefore became a certified Open Water Scuba Instructor and joined us in 2000.

Lening Barrera
Open Water Scuba Instructor, Galapagos Marine Reserve & Galapagos National Park Naturalist Guide
Lenin has shared with us his love for diving for more than 4 years now. He grew up in the Galapagos Islands, where he was brought up with a great appreciation for mother nature and sports. Eventually, Lenin became a certified Open Water Scuba Instructor and joined the Galapagos Aggressor, he loves the Islands and its unique marine life:  “there are no bad dives in Galapagos” he says.

Sebastian Barrera - Dive Guide
Sebastian was born in Guayaquil-Ecuador, but he grew up at the Galapagos Islands. His Father works as Captian of the Ecuadorian Marine and he registered him in the School of Dive Guides. Sebastian liked it so much that it became his Passion! He enjoys showing the marvels of the Marine Life to the Galapagos Visitors so they can get an amazing impression of the Archipelago.

Vicente Rosales - Engineer
Vicente is our Engineer on Board; he’s been working with Aggressor for more than 15 years.   Passengers at the Jesus del Gran Poder get to know him very well, since he’s the one welcoming guests with hot towels after the dives (the best way to warm up after an exciting dive with Whale Sharks!)

Rual Saquinga - 2nd Engineer
Raul was born in Valencia town, at the Coast of Ecuador but he grew up in La Maná. His town is located at the highlands, in an area surrounded by nature. He completed his training as an Industrial Mechanic in La Maná. Later on, he moved to San Cristobal Island, at the Galapagos, to work in a restaurant since he also loves to cook.
Once there, he took the advice of a friend, to work at the Galapagos Aggressor… It was a great decision.

Xavier Cruz - Supporter and Second Engineer
As an original “Galapagueño” from the San Cristobal Island, Xavier loves the Beach and the Ocean is his greatest Hobbies. Because of these loves, he became a diver. Xavier did an internship on board of the Galapagos Aggressor, which he enjoyed a lot. That’s how he became part of the crew members of the vessel, some years ago already.

Jose Saveedra - Chef Assistant
Jose was a marine of the Ecuadorian Navy who fell in love with the Galapagos Islands when he was completing an internship. He decided he wanted to stay at the National Park. He had to complete several mandatory courses to be able to continue to working at the Archipelago. And he made it! He has been working at the Galapagos Aggressor for several years now. José assists the Chef on board but he also loves helping at the dive deck, interacting with the guests.