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Wind Dancer Crew
Meet the Crew

Cano Island, Costa Rica 
Diving Details:
  • Whale Sharks, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, White-tip Sharks, Tuna, Manta Rays, Turtles and Giant Frogfish
  • All dives from tenders
  • Water temperature: 72 - 82F, 22 - 28C with cooler thermoclines
  • 3 - 5 mm wetsuit recommended

  • No night diving is currently offered at Cocos Island.
  • 8-night charters:  up to 17 dives

  • 10-night charters: up to 24 dives

Diving From Tenders:
  • Number of Tenders: 2

  • Length: 8 ft x 22 ft. All diving is from tenders. 

Capt. Mauricio
Mauricio Marin Cajina (Captain)

Captain Mauricio was born in Nicoya Guanacaste, Costa Rica. When not working as Captain of the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II™ (formerly Wind Dancer), he resides with his wife and  children in Guanacaste. When he is home, he enjoys watching educational programs on television. Mauricio considers himself very lucky that he has been able to turn his passion for diving into a vocation and truly enjoys leading the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II™ team. In addition to his duties as Master of the vessel, Mauricio is also an SSI,TDI, and NAUI instructor and an avid underwater photographer.

Carlos Sánchez
(Captain/Instructor/Photo Pro/Video Pro)
Carlos claims he lives in the most beautiful part of Costa Rica - Liberia Guanacaste. This is the northern land of rivers, beaches and volcanoes.   There are three things he is passionate about - his children, football, and of course - diving adventures.   When not onboard the yacht Carlos is very active and is a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie.  Onboard OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II™ (formerly Wind Dancer) Carlos is a licensed captain capable of operating the yacht, a scuba instructor and can also be your photo pro or video pro for the cruise.

Anibal Morales (Instructor/Captain)

Originally from Nicaragua, Anibal has lived in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica for the past 25 years. During his time away from the yacht he enjoys watching TV and spends as much time as possible with his family and son.   Animal is also a licensed Captain capable of operating OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II™ (formerly Wind Dancer) and is a PADI instructor.
 Carlos de la Cruz (Cruise Director)
Carlos, nicknamed Litus, is originally from Barcelona, but he moved to Costa Rica 8 years ago where he plans to stay. PADI and SSI instructor he is totally in love with the island where he started working about 1.5 years ago. He loves photography and shoots the u/w video onboard. If you have any questions regarding video or photo, he is your man. Friendly and a hard worker are for sure two of his characteristics.
 Miguel Marin (Engineer)
Miguel lives in nearby Alajuela with his wife, 4 daughters and son. He enjoys playing football with his son and watching documentaries about the ocean and history. One of his favorite pastimes is visiting the beach with his family which may include his brother and his family - Capt. Mauricio.
Chef Jairol
Jairol Hernandez (Head Chef)

Jairol is one of the hometown crew members having been born in Puntarenas. He and his wife have been married for 34 years and have 2 daughters and a boy on the way.  "I really enjoy my work as the Chef on OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II™ (formerly Wind Dancer), but I also enjoy diving on the Island of Cocos." Cooking on the OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II™ is always very educational as we have guests from all over the world who share their culinary background with us.
Chef Esteban
Esteban Espinoza (Chef)

Esteban is a hometown crew member and a trained chef. He lives with his wife, two daughters, and son.rn

When I am not diving , which I love, I play football with my son and his friends in our village.

I love to cook with Jairol and we enjoy our time on the kitchen , making sure everyone is enjoying their food.

Giovanny Siles
Giovanny Siles (Steward/Chef)

Giovanny is OKEANOS AGGRESSOR II™ (formerly Wind Dancer) steward enjoys working in the salon and meeting all of the guests.He is also a trained chef and looks forward to following in the footsteps of his fellow crew members. When not on board he lives in San Carlos and enjoys running and playing tennis.
Jehyler Ferreto
Jehyler Ferreto

Jehlyer comes from Puntarenas, Costa Rica. He has 3 children - 2 girls and a boy. While he loves diving, during his off time he listens to music, watches action movies, and reads science fiction books. He also enjoys football and soccer.