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Cayman Islands - 06/2018

Nile River, Egypt - 01/2018


Travel With The Owner,
Wayne Brown


Maldives Aggressor II
February 23 - 1
Creature Feature Week

Aggressor Nile Queen
The Nile, Egypt
March 9 - 14, 2019
Egyptian Ruins
Wayne Brown

Aggressor Safari Lodge
Sri Lanka
March 16 - 20, 2019
Safari Adventure
Wayne Brown

Cayman Aggressor V
With Les Stroud 'Survivorman'

April 27 - May 4, 2019
Wine Appreciation Week
Wayne Brown

Oman Aggressor
September 28 - Oct 5, 2019
Creature Feature Week
Wayne Brown


Maldives Aggressor II
February 23 - 1, 2020
Creature Feature Week
Wayne Brown


Wayne BrownWayne B. Brown, Chairman and CEO
As Chairman and CEO, one of the most important parts of the business is to travel to Aggressor Fleet destinations to ensure we are continuing to deliver the safety, quality and personal service that we have built our reputation on. These visits also allow me to not only spend time with all the guests but to feed my love for diving and photography as well.

Some of our busiest times are when we launch a new destination. From training the crew to ensuring all the expected amenities are in place, we try to ensure a smooth start to every destination. Fortunately for us, we get lots of practice with all the new destinations we have been adding and the ones we are in process of adding now! Hope to see you on my next dive charter!

Caño Island, Costa Rica - March, 2017
This Week was a Special trip for us as we were on the first Caño- Coiba Charter. That means traveling to two exotic dive destinations in two countries, Costa Rica and Panama!

We started with an overnight trip to Caño Island in the south side of Costa Rica and got there just in time for our early morning dive where we had some white tip sharks, schools of grunts and snappers and a couple of turtles pay a visit. Our second and third dive where done close to shore with more schools of fish around the reef, it was a great way to start off the diving! Day two we did two great dives where schools of fish where so big and thick you could lose your buddy and just as we ended the second dive a giant oceanic manta came by for a peek at the divers. Raising our anchor we headed overnight to Coiba island in Panama.

This place is as beautiful above water as it is below! First dives were giant goliath groupers, mobula rays and dozens of really big snappers, along with a brown frog fish that was waiting for us on the reef. On our next day diving, we went to the West side of the island where we dove Santa Cruz and Dos Tetas which are sites so full of amazing soft and hard coral. We took all the guests, our grill and chairs to an enchanted, palm shaded beach for a BBQ!

Our last day at Coiba we did two dives, with one at Roller Coaster and it is exactly as the name describes it. There were so many animals around like stingrays, eagle rays, white-tips, and hundreds of snappers. After a quick visit by customs and immigration we were set to head back to Costa Rica where beautiful Caño Island awaited our last 3 dives and we dove twice at bajo del diablo because we had a Giant manta stick around for our entire dive so we knew we had to go back, and what a dive it was, we had a 4 meter wide manta stay with us for 60 minutes, this way we ended our week of diving. The manta had a fishing lure unfortunately hanging from the rear part of its body. It would hover over guests like it was wanting help. One of our guests, Keith, was able to extract it and the manta thank Keith with multiple rolls and flips of joy!   Thanks Keith!

Wayne B. Brown
Wayne B. Brown
Life's Worth Diving For™