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Cayman Islands - 06/2018

Nile River, Egypt - 01/2018


Travel With The Owner,
Wayne Brown


Maldives Aggressor II
February 23 - 1
Creature Feature Week

Aggressor Nile Queen
The Nile, Egypt
March 9 - 14, 2019
Egyptian Ruins
Wayne Brown

Aggressor Safari Lodge
Sri Lanka
March 16 - 20, 2019
Safari Adventure
Wayne Brown

Cayman Aggressor V
With Les Stroud 'Survivorman'

April 27 - May 4, 2019
Wine Appreciation Week
Wayne Brown

Oman Aggressor
September 28 - Oct 5, 2019
Creature Feature Week
Wayne Brown


Maldives Aggressor II
February 23 - 1, 2020
Creature Feature Week
Wayne Brown


Wayne BrownWayne B. Brown, Chairman and CEO
As Chairman and CEO, one of the most important parts of the business is to travel to Aggressor Fleet destinations to ensure we are continuing to deliver the safety, quality and personal service that we have built our reputation on. These visits also allow me to not only spend time with all the guests but to feed my love for diving and photography as well.

Some of our busiest times are when we launch a new destination. From training the crew to ensuring all the expected amenities are in place, we try to ensure a smooth start to every destination. Fortunately for us, we get lots of practice with all the new destinations we have been adding and the ones we are in process of adding now! Hope to see you on my next dive charter!

Nile River, Egypt - January, 2018

Egypt, I just can’t get enough of it. The people, the ancient sites, the food, and of course the amazing diving in the Red Sea. With all the business we have in Egypt, I travel there frequently and every time, I come home thrilled and excited about it all over again!

From the hustle and bustle of Cairo to the relaxed atmosphere of the seaside resorts, there is so much to take in. We can also not forget the river that has sailed Kings, Queens and Pharaohs for thousands of years to exotic stops; the great Nile.

We are pleased to announce our brand-new Aggressor River Cruises® with its first vessel, the Nile Queen®! Styled after the drawings in ancient tombs, this sailing vessel will offer the same excellent service we are known for while traveling the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. Our 5 night, 6 day cruise, along with our private guide will take you to King Tut’s tomb, Karnack Temple, the quarry where the stones for the great pyramids were mined and all places in-between!

Enjoy alfresco dining while sailing down the Nile watching the locals herd their goats and cattle in the lush river banks. Enjoy an evening dip in the hot tub as our master sailor expertly guides the Nile Queen through lower Egypt.

This will be your Adventures of a Lifetime® river cruise!

Wayne B. Brown
Wayne B. Brown
Life's Worth Diving For™