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Cayman Islands - 06/2018

Nile River, Egypt - 01/2018


Travel With The Owner,
Wayne Brown


Maldives Aggressor II
February 23 - 1
Creature Feature Week

Aggressor Nile Queen
The Nile, Egypt
March 9 - 14, 2019
Egyptian Ruins
Wayne Brown

Aggressor Safari Lodge
Sri Lanka
March 16 - 20, 2019
Safari Adventure
Wayne Brown

Cayman Aggressor V
With Les Stroud 'Survivorman'

April 27 - May 4, 2019
Wine Appreciation Week
Wayne Brown

Oman Aggressor
September 28 - Oct 5, 2019
Creature Feature Week
Wayne Brown


Maldives Aggressor II
February 23 - 1, 2020
Creature Feature Week
Wayne Brown


Wayne BrownWayne B. Brown, Chairman and CEO
As Chairman and CEO, one of the most important parts of the business is to travel to Aggressor Fleet destinations to ensure we are continuing to deliver the safety, quality and personal service that we have built our reputation on. These visits also allow me to not only spend time with all the guests but to feed my love for diving and photography as well.

Some of our busiest times are when we launch a new destination. From training the crew to ensuring all the expected amenities are in place, we try to ensure a smooth start to every destination. Fortunately for us, we get lots of practice with all the new destinations we have been adding and the ones we are in process of adding now! Hope to see you on my next dive charter!

Kona, Hawaii - September, 2017
Aloha! September 9th I had the pleasure again of boarding the Kona Aggressor II for another amazing week of diving the big island.

This was a ‘Wine Appreciation’ week so each night I had selected some unique wines for everyone to taste and experience along with a quick nightly video of the history of wine and wine making. Chef Kevin paired his culinary genius skills with our wines to create evening meals that were raved about by everyone.

Our diving Sunday started out with two longnose hawkfish in black coral at the Meadows. Monday we were treated to a curious tiger shark that came in to check out the divers along Walls Wall. The evening dives were at The Ladders, the southernmost dive site in the Hawaiian Islands. While diving along the reef, our divemaster Shelby found an extremely tiny Lined Sea Hare. What an amazing find!

On Tuesday we worked our way back along the beautiful Kona coast where we found the extra large Titan Scorpionfish and ended the day at Au Au crater with it’s remarkable topography. Wednesday we found a Commerson’s frogfish at The Dome and a very large green sea turtle at Shark Fin Rock. Thursday everyone was excited about the coming manta night dive and no one was disappointed! 5 large mantas gave everyone a close encounter for the entire dive with their underwater ballet just above our heads scooping the plentiful plankton brought in by our lights. A truly magical experience you have to experience!

Friday we had our last two dives at Turtle Pinnacle and our guests enjoyed a redstripe pipefish and a flameback shrimp. We had our usual cocktail party on the sundeck watching our final Hawaiian sunset and recalling all the memorial dives we had during the week. Thanks to Captain Matt for a safe week and all the Kona Aggressor II staff for another ‘Ultimate’ week onboard!

Wayne B. Brown
Wayne B. Brown
Life's Worth Diving For™