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Philippines Divesites - Tubbataha

View Visayas (7 & 10 Nights; 3 Different Itineraries)

7 Night Itinerary - Mid March to Mid June

Tubbataha sits in the Sulu Sea and is in the middle of the Coral Triangle between Indonesia, Malayasia and the Philippines. The Tubbataha Reefs National Parks is an UNESCO World Heritage site.  The atolls are made up of the North Atoll, South Atoll and the Jessie Beazley Reef to the northwest of the main atolls and are all part of the park. Tubbataha scuba diving itineraries include these areas:

Northern Tip of North Atoll
The northern tip of the North atoll is an area with high diversity of shark species such as blacktips, white tips, grey reef sharks, silky sharks in addition to turtles, rays and whale sharks. The walls have beautiful soft corals, barrel sponges and lots of cleaning stations.

Southern Tip of North Atoll
In this area lies a shipwreck dive site, Malayan Wreck located on an beautiful wall. This shipwreck scuba diving experience includes big animal action with the chance to see dogtooth tuna, giant trivially, different species of barracuda in large schools, turtles, manta rays and almost every kind of native reef fish imaginable.

Northern Tip of South Atoll
This area is known for hammerhead sharks, large pelagics, different species of sharks and reef fish.

Jessie Beazley Reef
This area has pristine coral with an area of branching acropora corals and lots of species of sharks can be seen; hammerheadsharks, silky sharks and even whale sharks.

*at the end of the season a 10 night transition trip is offered from Tubbataha to the Visayas.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1... Depart PP Port

Day 2 - North Atoll
Ranger Station
Shark Airport
Shark Airport
Washing Machine

Day 3 - South Atoll
Black Rock
Black Rock
T Wreck or Ko-Ok
Delsan Wreck

Day 4 - South Atoll
Delsan Wreck
Delsan Wreck
Triggerfish City
Southwest Wall or Staghorn Point
Day 5 - North Atoll
Malayan Wreck
Malayan Wreck
Seafan Alley

Day 6 - Jessie Beazley
Jessie Beazley East
Jessie Beazley East
Jessie Beazley West
Jessie Beazley West

Day 7 - Back at PP Port
Dinner in Puerto Princesa City

Day 8 - Guests depart at 8 am