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Capt. BurhanuddinBurhanuddin - Captain
Originally from Gresik, in East Java, Burhanuddin comes from a long line of sea captains including his father, grandfather, uncles and brothers. He started working on cargo boats at the age of 19 and at age 23, decided to go back to the school to improve his knowledge in order to become a boat captain. He was asked to fill in for a captain on a Raja Ampat liveaboard and liked the environment surrounding the navigation, the happy faces of the divers after each dive and the motivation of the crew so much that he decided this was the career for him.rn

"I’m a sailor, and will be working on boats for the rest of my life. The RAJA AMPAT AGGRESSOR™ is a great chance for me to show all my knowledge about the Raja Ampat waters and to enjoy my job at one of the highest levels."

Ferdy - Chief Officer (2nd Captain)
Ferdy started as a deckhand on liveboards in 2010. His attitude and ambitious character made him develop to get more education and better skills to eventually become 2nd captain Joined the RAJA AMPAT AGGRESSOR™ in 2015 and has lot of experience and just as much enthusiasm.

Urik - Cruise Director/Instructor

Urik decided to make his passion a way of live years ago. After five years leading dive bases in the Caribbean he decided to move to Red Sea to work on liveaboards moving later to Maldives. His last two years before join the RAA has been leading bases in Bali and Bunaken (Indonesia). A great mix of Indonesian waters experience with base and yacht management.
Jamie - Dive Master

One of the most experienced dive guides in Raja Ampat, Jamie has been working  as a dive master in Raja Ampat since 2006. Outgoing, professional and always available to chat about marine life.

Herri - Divemaster, Photo Pro
Original from Manado in North Sulawesi. His long career as a divemaster makes him one of the best assets on board. He has spent the last 5 years in Raja Ampat, before that divemaster on board the North Sulawesi Aggressor, and before that in Bunaken, Lembeh and Bali. He is our photo pro on board, responsible of the rental photo and video equipment of the RAA.

 Pak Yuly

Yuly: Chief Engineer
Original from Semarang in Central Java. A veteran sailor with more than 25 years of experience sailing Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. He is the one that makes the heart of the boat continue to beat, assuring the engines are running at the top performance and the generators provide 24 hours of electricity power on board.

Maxi - Second Engineer
Like most of the crew, comes from Manado in North Sulawesi. Though you cannot see him much he is always there, running the water makers, oiling the engines, fixing a small trouble here and there. Call him if the bulb of your cabin is finished.

Rahmat - 3rd Engineer
Always helpful on the dive deck and available to solve those daily small problems on board.

Michael - Chef
Michael has experience at 5 stars hotels but the RAJA AMPAT AGGRESSOR™ is his first experience as  on board yachts. He is a great asset to the RAJA AMPAT AGGRESSOR™ as he can cook Japanase, Chinese, Mediterranean, Indonesian and Westener foods.

Jemly - Assitant Chef, Steward
You may also see him in the dive deck, driving a dinghy or arranging a cabin. Though his main duties are related to kitchen he is a multi function person able to be in several places at one time. Original from Manado, Jemly studied in the same hospitality school as Ivan (Chef) to learn and reach high quality standards in cooking.

Ody - Dinghy Driver
The most veteran of the vessel. Born in Manado and dedicated to his work on board since the day we brought the boat from Thailand in 2008, accumulating a total of 15 years of experience in liveaboards and most of that time in Raja Ampat. Ody is our dinghy driver, trusted person and always a friendly and smiling mate. Ody knows all the divesites very well and is always around chasing our bubbles from the distance.

Charly - Dinghy Driver
Original from central Sulawesi and with more than 5 years of experience in Raja Ampat and other diving areas in Indonesia as a dinghy driver, Charly knows the divesites very well and is always ready to drop or pick up divers after the dive.

Jasman - Deckhand
Original from Lembeh island in North Sulawesi, Jasman has been diving since he was a child. he is a multi functional crew member who helps with the cabin arrangements, driving tenders, filling tanks and other duties. As the rest of the crew he got previous experience on other liveaboards in the past and decided to join the RAA to get more experience and improve himself.

Destry - Steward
Our youngest crew members. Started working as a stewardess in 2010 in one of the best hotels in Raja Ampat.  She joined the RAJA AMPAT AGGRESSOR™ recently and is always greeting our guest with a great smile and enthusiasm.

Betty - Steward
You may not see her that much, but she is taking care of your cabin, and helping in the galley. Working in such position since 2010, Betty is a professional when it comes to taking care of guests on a luxury liveaboard.