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Raja Ampat Dive Sites
  Raja Ampat, Indonesia - 7 and 10 Night Itineraries 

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Raja Ampat:
(7 nights) includes Central and North Raja Ampat   View Dive Map
Raja Ampat: (10 nights) includes Central, North and South Raja Ampat   View Dive Map
Raja Ampat/Halmahera/Lembeh: (12 nights) includes Sorong and Bitung   View Dive Map
  (Sorong (SOQ) Dominique Edward Osok Airport/Sorong (SOQ) Dominique Edward Osok Airport)

Sample Raja Ampat 10 Night Itinerary (33 Dives)

The Raja Ampat itinerary combines the best dive sites of Dampier Strait, Fam, Mansuar and the awesome dive sites of Misool, the best diving area of Raja Ampat. The great highlights are the manta cleaning station near Mansuar and the huge schools of fish near Farondi.

The Dampier straight separates the Birdhead Peninsula from Waigeo and Mansuar. The name comes from the Dutch colonial times. It refers to the shape of the peninsula on the map, but it is also a paradise for many rare bird species.

Here the Pacific Ocean meets the Halmahera Sea, with an explosion of marine life as consequence. With regular strong currents, big fish feel especially comfortable. Manta rays, reef sharks, different schools of mackerel, tuna and barracuda, dolphin and whales.

The night dives under the Arborek or Cape Mansuar jetty is a favorite spot with peculiar creatures such as wobbegongs, epaulette sharks (walking sharks), nudibranchs, pipefish, seahorses, frogfish, scorpion fish and the list goes on.

Misool is the southeast of the four big islands of the Raja Ampat archipelago. At the same time it is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. The rich variety of reefs are also not to be overlooked with vertical walls, slopes, dry rocks, caves and lagoons; some covered with hard corals while the others are covered with brightly colored soft corals. Also renowned as the center of pygmy seahorses and gorgonians, everywhere you go you will be amazed by the profusion of marine life that Raja Ampat has to offer you.

Raja Ampat Dive Sites

North Batata
Algae Patch

Manta Sandy
West Mansuar
Arborek Jetty

Melissa’s Garden
Keruo Channel    
My Reef
Sardines Reef
Blue Magic
Nudis Rock
The Passage
Batu Lima
Cape Kri
Chicken Reef
Cape Mansuar
Magic Mountain
Boo Windows
Nudi Rock
Barracuda Point
Tank Rock    
Whale Rock
Three Sisters
Killer Cave
Farondi Wall

Raja Ampat/Halmahera/Lembeh  12 Night Itinerary 

Divers will experience warm, shallow reefs resplendent with colorful reef fish and exotic invertebrates and, in the deeper waters, current-cooled seamounts, walls, and pinnacles with sharks and tunas.

The remote island of Halmahera is located between the Molucca Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east and has a unique geography with its four peninsulas enclosing three great bays and three volcanoes. Divers will find exciting dives with plenty of weird and wonderful creatures and pinnacles encircled by massive schools of barracuda and other pelagic fishes.