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Red Sea

Diving Details:
  • Hammerheads, Dolphin, Soft Corals, abundant reef fish life.

  • All dives from 2 tenders that carry 10 divers each for quick access.

  • Water temperature:
    74 - 84F, 23 - 29C.

  • 5 dives per day, night diving when available.

  • 3mm wetsuit recommended in the summer and 5mm wetsuit in the winter.
Dives on 7-night charters: (subject to change due to weather conditions)
  • Northern Itinerary               Up to 20 dives
  • Southern Itinerary:            Up to 23 dives

  • Number of Tenders:3

  • Length: (2) 8 ft. x 21 ft, 6 x 16 ft.
Diving is done from the tenders throughout the week. One shore excursion is normally offered.


Dear Aggressor Team,

"I have just returned from the fam trip on the maiden voyage of the Red Sea Aggressor with Tom Gebhardt."  . . . "Eleven of the group visited Luxor prior to boarding the boat and that is a side trip I would highly recommend. We were told by our tour guide that we were the first American group that had visited Luxor in 3 years. We felt very safe at all times and I will be happy to serve as a reference if any potential visitors have questions about safety for land trip. 

The crew on the boat was great and worked hard to accommodate everyone. I had some equipment issues upon arrival with my regulator and David Patterson did a great job or working with me to sort out all the problems so I was comfortable diving with my equipment. He did a wonderful job of working with the guest and crew to make the trip great for all divers. Our charter went to St John's Reef and this was not originally planned for a 7 day charter. The diving at St John's was " as good as it gets". I would highly recommend making this part of all 7 day charters if possible . This was a great treat I and I so appreciate having the opportunity to dive St John's as part of this experience. We also had the chance to snorkel with  a pod of 17 dolphins on this charter. That was truly a magical experience. 

Tom Gebhardt did a great job of organizing our fam and was a pleasure to be with on the boat and the side trip to Luxor. Marc Home was onboard the charter and he brought a lot of fun to the group! All of the dive staff and crew went above and beyond to help us on the dive deck and while on the boat.

I don't think I have seen such clear water with so much color on the reefs in my 25 year dive career.  It was a pleasure to be on the charter and experience a new destination with such style.

I look forward to returning in the future with an ISAM group. Hats off to all for a great maiden charter!"

Bridget T.

2nd Capt. Said
Captain Said, (Captain)

Said has been working on the Red Sea Aggressor since 2014. He has had a lot of experience in the Red Sea and other countries, diving and working as a seaman, like Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Said was given the opportunity to move up the ranks and became Captain of the Red Sea Aggressor in 2017. He is also a Dive Guide and has more than 300 dives under his belt. He speaks Arabic & English.

Chef Alsatar
Mahmoud Abdella (Cruise Director)

Mahmoud was born in Hurghada from a fishermen family. His father was a boat captain  and he grow up spending his childhood fishing and freediving. While developing his career as a Dive Instructor he attended several freediving competitions in France , Cyprus and Egypt. Mahmoud counted in his logbook more than 7000 dives in the Red Sea and Maldives Islands . He’s obviously in love with the sea and wants to spend the rest of his life in this profession.
Katia - (Dive Guide)

Born in Russia, Katia has been diving in the Red Sea for 12 years and fell in love with the Red Sea so much she now lives in Hurghada. Katia is a natural born swimmer and has competed in many tournaments in Russia and is an excellent Photographer & Videographer too. Katia has now been working with the Red Sea Aggressor for two years as a Dive Guide, and as the Cruise Director when Mahmoud is away.

Saher (Dive Guide)

Originally from Cairo, Saher is a qualified Dive Guide & Photographer. He was a computer programmer to begin with but followed his love for diving and filming which brought him to Hurghada 8 years ago. Within those years, Saher has changed his career to become a Dive Guide and underwater Videographer.


Rashad (Dive Instructor)

One of the most experienced Dive Guides in Egypt, Rashad has been working as an Instructor on the Red Sea Aggressor since 2016. He is an SSI Advanced Instructor with approximately 8,000 dives under his belt, all within the Red Sea itself.

Allah Hussain
Mohamed (Engineer)

Originally from Cairo, Mohamed now has over 20 years of experience as a mechanic in Egypt. He has now been working on the Red Sea Aggressor since 2017 and has a strong passion for the sea. He’s always working hard to assure the engines are running at their top capacity and the generators provide 24 hours of on board electricity.
Chef Sherif
Sherif (Chef)

Sherif is our chef from Cairo. He has spent more than 20 years working as a chef for international and luxury hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and El Gouna . His favourite cuisine is Italian but he also enjoys French cuisine and of course Egyptian food. He definitely has a passion for food and enjoys sharing his delicious recipes with International guests.

Hussain (Sous Chef)

Hussain is from Benisuef and has been working in Hurghada in Hotels & Resorts as a Sous Chef. He wanted to try out his sea legs for a season and liked it so much that he’s now on his second season with Aggressor. He is training to be a chef one day & is very happy on the sea.

Hussam (Deckhand/Zodiac Driver)

Hussam is the most experienced in our team; this man truly has seen and done it all. Hussam grew up in the northern Egyptian town of Cairo. For the last 10 years Hussam has been working on dive yachts as a deckhand and Zodiac driver. Hussam has many skills that make him a very valuable crew member, and being a true lover of diving, has accumulated more than 200 dives in the Red Sea.

Amer (Deckhand)

Originally from Kaur ElShaikh, he loves the sea and with previous experience, is a well equipped seaman and diver and has done more than 150 dives. Amer joined Red Sea Aggressor in 2018.

Emad Mohammed
Abdo - Deckhand

Abdo is from Alexandria. . For ten years now he’s been working as a seaman for different liveaboard yachts in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam. Abdo is a very skilled Zodiac Driver and will always drop you in the best diving spots during your trip.

Hegazy (Steward)

Hegazy is originally from Qina and he has being working in the tourism industry for 14 years with Nile cruises and Hotels & Resorts. He finally decided to dedicate his time to the Liveaboard service following his passion for the sea. Hegazy speaks English.

Ali (Steward)

Ali is originally from Cairo and he has being working in the tourism business for 15 years, in Hotels & Resorts in Hurghada and Liveaboards in the Red Sea. Ali speaks English & Arabic.