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Aggressor Floating Resorts® Liveaboard Yacht
   sCuBA diving Adventures, Brothers/dAedAlus/elphinstone, egypt:
Seven Nights, Hurghada, Egypt
Saturday-to-Saturday Brothers/Daedalus/Elphinstone scuba charters begin at the shark-filled waters of the two Brothers Islands, then moves to the Daedalus Reef. The week culminates with stops at Elphinstone and Sha’ab Maksour with its pristine hard and soft coral gardens. Swift currents in the southern Red Sea attract pelagics like, dolphins, tuna, oceanic whitetip sharks, and hammerhead sharks.
Charters depart from the Hilton Hurghada Plaza. All dives are made from tenders.
Manta rays are spotted May through August in Southern Egypt
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