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  Rental Gear & Certification Courses (All prices USD)
   Complete Set of Rental Gear:
Seven nights: $175 Ten nights: $260
Scuba Package:
Seven nights: $150 Ten nights: $225
Seven nights: $60 Ten nights: $90
Buoyancy Compensator:
Training, Certification & Specialty Courses Introduction to Scuba: $150
Open Water Certification: $300 Open Water Check-out Dives: $150
Specialty Courses:
Advanced: $150
U/W Photographer or Videographer: $150 SSI Specialty Package - 2 Courses for $250
Nitrox Specialty Course, Fills and Unlimited Nitrox
Nitrox Diver Course: $150
Nitrox Student Fills: $80 seven nights ($130 ten nights)
Nitrox Unlimited: $100 seven-night charters
($150 ten nights) daily rate is pro-rated by diving day
* Prices listed above are for onboard training fees. Visit our website for details.
Seven nights: $60
Dive Computer:
Seven nights: $60
Ten nights: $90 Ten nights: $90
 Mask/Fins/Snorkel Package:
Seven nights: $50
Seven nights: $50
Night Dive Light: $8 per day Souvenir Vacation Video: $65
Ten nights: $75
Ten nights :$70
 storMCheCk® PrograM
  Aggressor Adventures® expects guests to have a safe and fun vacation as they leave their worries at home.
We understand that our guests take their vacation time seriously. A named meteorological disturbance can make the seas challenging, adversely affecting valuable dive time. This is why we developed our “StormCheck”. This program will compensate guests who lose days of diving on an Aggressor vacation as a result of a named tropical meteorological disturbance (as recognized by NOAA).
Any guest whose diving is interrupted as a result of a named tropical storm will receive a credit voucher based on the number of days of diving missed in the form of a “StormCheck®”. If the entire charter week is canceled in advance due to a storm’s predicted path and landfall as forecasted, guests will automati- cally receive a “StormCheck®” voucher for the total amount of their Aggressor charter. “StormCheck®” vouchers allow guests to return to that destination within one year of the interrupted trip.
Our “StormCheck®” program is not a substitute for the purchase of a comprehensive Trip Cancellation and Inter- ruption Insurance policy. All guests are strongly encouraged to purchase this policy as it provides financial protections beyond the cruise portion itself and can offer financial assistance for flights, interrupted travels, and cancellations for other covered reasons as well. It is best to purchase a Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance policy immediately after confirming a reservation so that guests may maximize the time of their coverage.
“StormCheck®” vouchers apply to passengers who do not receive compensation from their trip insurance carrier. The“StormCheck®” program is specifically for lost days on a charter and is not issued when the guest is unable to get to the destination due to transportation issues, whether a result of a storm or any other conditions, and the yacht is not affected for theentirecharter.
Aggressor Adventures® yachts have comprehensive storm plans. Before the start of the storm season, the licensee partners train and test all staff skills and knowledge of storm procedures using mock demonstrations to prepare them for the real thing. If weather forecasts or conditions appear threatening to the safety of the passengers and staff, the captain will make necessary arrangements to evacuate guests. The captain will order and arrange for guests to be removed from the vessel, accompanied by a staff member and taken to an inland resort/hotel or government approved shelter. The vessel will be moved to a sheltered harbor away from the storm’s predicted path, prepared and secured by the remaining staff.
Aggressor Adventures® has established these storm plans and procedures for the safety and comfort of our guests.
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Please Note: Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance cannot be purchased once a storm has been named.

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