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The yachts, river vessels, safari lodges, and floating resorts are individually owned and operated. We are unable to move guests to other departure dates after a reservation has been deposited.
Operator reserves the right to impose a supplemental charge relating to unanticipated occurrences including, but not limited to, new or increases in port and park fees, government or tourist taxes, and increases in the price of fuel. Any such supplement charges may apply, at Operator’s sole discretion, to both existing and new bookings (regardless of whether such bookings have been paid in full). Such supplements are not included in the published adventure fare.
Solo travelers are booked into rooms that have single beds and with a roommate(s) of the same gender.
A single supplement rate is 65% of the rate and will guarantee a private room. Single supplement travelers may book on a promotional week or Travel the World week. The single supplement space is 65% of the full rate on these weeks. (Specials do not apply to the single supplement 65% off space, only the full paying space.)
• Aggressor Liveaboards’ age limit is 10 years of age, except for advertised ‘Family Weeks’ where the age limit is 5 years.
SINGLE SUPPLEMENT (Private Room Guarantee)
• Aggressor River Cruises, Aggressor Safari Lodges and Aggressor Floating Resorts have a minimum age limit of 5 years.
• Private charters – there is no age limit for children under 5 years of age. Parents are required to bring a life jacket for any children under 5 years of age. The life jacket must meet the United States Coast Guard or international standards.
• Children must always be under adult (parent) supervision. (i.e.: minor children not participating in diving or other scheduled program activities must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)
• Children ages 5 to 17 are eligible for a 25% discount. (Specials do not apply)
• Children 17 and younger must travel with an adult parent.
• For families with children under the age of 10, the child must share a room with a parent or immediate
(adult) family member. For children ages 11 to 17 who wish to stay in a stateroom with another guest, written parental permission stating who the roommate is will be is required, along with yacht approval. When a room is occupied by two children (11-17), the parents must be in an adjacent room.
• Age limit for scuba divers - some Aggressor destinations have limits for children to scuba dive such as Egypt and Cuba. Be familiar with this prior to traveling.
Itineraries may vary due to weather conditions and yacht location.
Non-Diver Rate Aggressor Liveaboards*: $200 off plus money-saving specials apply *excludes Snorkeling charters
We highly recommend purchasing trip cancellation, interruption, dive accident, medical, equipment, and baggage insurance. Policy upgrades or add-ons such as CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) and Liveaboard Riders are also highly recommended for the additional protection they offer. All travelers are encouraged to arrive to the destination at least one day prior to the Aggressor check-in date.
   Money Saving DiScountS: Aggressor LiveAboArds®
 · Active or Retired Military 10% discount
· $100 discount for Law Enforcement, Firefighters,
· $200 discount for consecutive (back to back) charters
EMS, Nurses
· $100 discount for Airline Pilots, Flight Attendants
· $200 discount on third trip within 12 months
· $100 discount on second trip within 12 months · $300 discount for Seniors 75 and older
· $200 discount for Seniors 70 - 74
· $100 discount for Seniors 65 - 69
and airline employees
· $100 discount for Teachers (active or retired)
· $100 discount for Students (age 18 - 22)
· 25% discount for Children* (ages 10 - 17)
Money-saving specials cannot be used in conjunction with discounted charters or with promotions. When multiple discounts apply, only the most generous (one) can be applied to the rate.
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