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  The freedom of scuba diving Refreshes Your Senses. Glide peacefully among coral heads and walls of Belize’s Lighthouse Reef and Half Moon Caye. Angelfish, tarpon and grouper accompany you
in the crystal-clear waters of this Caribbean paradise.
Belize:TwoYachts· Saturday-to-Saturday,SevenNights
Wall-divers love Belize! Twisted rope sponges, massive barrel sponges, and golden tube sponges adorn sheer walls like Painted Wall and Que Brada. Regal queen angelfish, bearded toadfish, yellow stingrays, and spotted moray eels hide in wall cracks and crevices, peering out to greet Aggressor’s divers and pose for photos. Cooler waters in February and March deliver sightings of reef sharks and hammerheads.
        The Belize Aggressor III® explores Glover’s Reef during select dates throughout the year.
Weather permitting, the Belize Aggressors® anchor just off Half Moon Caye. Guests are shuttled to the island and enjoy a relaxing walk along the beach to the bird sanctuary.
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