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Cayman Aggressor IV® Liveaboard Yacht
Warm waters, shallow walls, and endless visibility make the Cayman Islands a
perfect destination for new divers and snorkeling enthusiasts.
CAymAn islAnds, BWi: Saturday-to-Saturday, Seven Nights
During your Cayman Islands adventure, theCaymanAggressorIV® willdivethebestof all three islands, including the North Wall and South Wall in Grand Cayman, Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman (weather permitting), and everyone’s favorite, Stingray City. Diving begins Sunday morning.
After a full week of exploration, the yacht returns to George Town Friday after lunch. Guests may shop and tour the town until it’s time for the sunset cocktail party, Friday evening. Check-out is Saturday morning.
The Oro Verde, Doc Poulson, Russian Destroyer, and massive Kittiwake wrecks are now bustling artificial reefs enveloping and outlining these magnificent ships resting on the sea floor.
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