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The Willy T Wreck’s skeleton crew is hard at work entertaining divers with their pirate antics.
    Wrecks offer the best of two worlds,—the world of marine life and the world of history.
by Mike Mesgleski, Mike & Mike Photography School
Shipwrecks attract an amazing variety of marine life, from sharks to seahorses, creating thrilling dives and captivating settings for the underwater photography enthusiast. As Aggressor Adventures’ guests, we’re treated with enviable opportunities to capture all of this beauty, history and excitement, exploring wrecks in some of the best dive destinations around the world.
The history behind many of these wrecks, like the Thistlegorm and the Yolanda in the Red Sea, is just as captivating as the marine life covering them. Seeing cargo and personal possessions frozen in time is an exciting experience. The Dive Masters have an impressive amount of knowledge
about the wrecks and are always happy to share what they know between dives.
These characteristics add to the tremendous photo opportunities shipwrecks offer. You can focus (pun intended) on marine life and never realize you were on a magnificent wreck. Or, you can be transfixed by a wide angle composition of the bow looming up from the bottom and never notice the two sharks cruising through the blue water behind you.
Given the choice, Mike & I will always opt for a shipwreck dive!
Mike Mesgleski and Mike Haber host Mike & Mike Photography School courses aboard Aggressor yachts.
  Sugar Wreck, Bahamas
Jake Seaplane, Palau
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