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Red Sea Aggressor IV® Liveaboard Yacht
southern red seA: Seven Nights, Port Ghalib, Egypt
Surrounded by open ocean, chances of spotting big fish such as rays, sharks, and other predators are very high on the Aggressor Adventures’ Southern Egypt itineraries. The 26-passenger Red Sea Aggressor IV® offers three thrilling, Saturday-to-Saturday adventures which depart from the Port Ghalib yacht marina and resort area.
       st. Johns/DaEDalus
St. Johns Reef is a vast region with a variety of underwater bathymetry such as caves, swimthroughs, grottoes, and coral gardens. Dolphin Reef at Sataya offers a coral lagoon where divers can snorkel with pods of resident spinner dolphin.
Big Brother and Little Brother marine parks combine sheer walls covered in soft corals with adrenaline-pumping pelagic animal encounters. Dogtooth tuna, silvertip and grey reef sharks cruise between the two tiny islands, patrolling her wrecks, the Numidia and Aida.
DEEp south
Zabargad’s marine park is home to an abun- dance of reef fish, cuttlefish, octopus, blue spotted rays and crocodile fish. Zabargad and Rocky Island’s strong currents attract manta rays and several shark species including oceanic whitetip, grey reef, hammerhead, and silvertip.
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