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   Weedy rhinopias, hairy frogfish, and zebra crabs are just a few of the fanciful characters thatmakeRajaAmpatAggressor® diversfeelasthoughtheyareenteringanotherdimension. Breathtaking reefs coupled with manta rays, whale sharks, and wobbegong sharks make Raja Ampat and Derawan Islands must-dive destinations.
derAWAn islAnds, indonesiA:
Seven Nights, Depart from Berau, Province of East Kalimantan, Indonesia
This incredibly diverse ecosystem features caves, walls, and lagoons with big animal action, as well as world-famous macro creatures. Conditions permitting, guests may snorkel with stingless jellyfish at Kakaban Island’s lake. The staff also seeks out whale sharks near Talisayan and at the platforms of local fishermen.
The Derawan Islands itinerary starts and ends from Berau, which has an international airport and multiple daily direct flights from Jakarta, making the trip and connections quite easy for international travelers. Once guests arrive, they are greeted by a staff member at the host hotel and transferred to the yacht.
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