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forgotten islAnds, indonesiA: Eleven Nights
The Forgotten Islands are part of Indonesia’s south Maluku province, a region at the extreme southeastern border of the country, less than 200 miles (322 kilometers) from the northern tip of Australia. These cruises concentrate on the most unexplored regions of the country and begin or end in either Maumere on the north coastline of east Flores, or at Saumlaki on Jamdena, the largest island of the Tanimbar group. Marine encounters range from hammerhead sharks and dogtooth tuna to ornate ghost pipefish and Coleman’s shrimp.
The weedy scorpionfish, painted frogfish, flathead crocodile fish, orangutan crabs, thorny oysters, and blue-ringed octopuses hide in the volcanic rubble and rich, Indonesian, black sands.
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