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Since 1984, some amazing things have happened in Aggressor Adventures’ destinations and some even included staff members!
   Fun Fact:
Fun Fact:
Turks & Caicos
Sri Lanka
  UW Television Show?
“Le Tresor de Pago Pago”was a French TV Show filmed underwater off the coast of Providenciales. It involved free diving and collecting ‘pearls’ inside a dome structure. Today, it is a regular stop on Turks & Caicos Aggressor II charters. “Le Tresor de Pago Pago” was just another crazy idea from the 1990s.
I Want My MTV!
“Hungry like the Wolf,” music video was filmed on location in Sri Lanka. The musicians of Duran Duran wanted an exotic backdrop for their music videos and chose the jungles of Sri Lanka. The lush scenery and wildlife helped make it one of the most popular music videos of all time.
  Fun Fact:
Fun Fact:
Sri Lanka
  Sigiriya Rock, or Rock n’ Roll?
Duran Duran, a 1980’s pop group, was a worldwide, cultural phenomenon. The band filmed many music videos in Sri Lanka.
The hit song, “Save a Prayer,” included images of Sigiriya Rock and other temples throughout the country. Sigiriya Rock is visited each week by Aggressor Safari Lodges guests.
Palau Aggressor II was an Immunity Prize
Survivor reality TV show chose Palau as one its many beautiful locations. Contestants who earned “immunity” were rewarded with special treats. In 2004, during season 10, a relaxing afternoon aboard the Palau Aggressor II was one of the prizes. The winning contestant enjoyed delicious meals and plenty of pampering from the Aggressor liveaboard staff.
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