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  Food is an integral part
of the culture, the landscape, and every adventure.
An Appetite for Adventure
Our chefs are culinary artists who create unique masterpieces that tantalize your palate and have you dreaming of your next meal.
         A few Favorite Dishes from around the World
Tradition of Excellence
 Vacation Sample Menus are at
Ceviche de Corvina (sea bass) Okeanos Aggressors II®
Chicken Peri Peri, Sweet and
Sour Pork, Beans and Potato Curry Aggressor Safari Lodges®, Sri Lanka
Sambal Olek Spicy Tuna Poke
Palau Aggressor II®
Belizean Red Beans and Rice, Oven Baked Red Snapper with Cilantro Sauce
Belize Aggressor III®
Banoffee Pie with Dulche de Leche Toffee
Turks & Caicos Aggressor II®
For 40 years, our Aggressor chefs have often been everyone’s favorite staff member of each vacation. Kudos to the culinary masters!
See our chefs
in action at
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