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whale sanctuary
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January - April, Snorkeling Only Saturday-to-Saturday, Seven Nights
Guests board the yacht Saturday afternoon with an evening departure for the Silver Bank Sanctuary. Monday through Thursday after- noon whales are observed from the mothership and from two 17-foot (five-meter) boats fitted with a ladder for easy water entry/exit and a full-length bimini top for sun protection. The excursions last one and a half to three hours depending on the proximity of the whales and time of day.
If conditions permit, and the whales are receptive, guests may enter the ocean for gentle, low-impact, in-water observations that are permitted by Sanctuary regulations.
The Turks & Caicos Aggressor II® returns to Puerto Plata on Friday. The staff hosts a sunset cocktail party Friday evening. Check-out is Saturday morning.
Only snorkeling gear is needed.
No other special training or equipment is required.
    TheTurks&CaicosAggressorII® moorsintheshallow protected area known as the Silver Bank Sanctuary.
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