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People-to-people Travel Program
WAlls of zApAtA, BAy of pigs, CuBA: Seven-nights, Playa Largo
During the seven-night Oceans for Youth Foundation People-to-People group educational program, divers can spend a week learning about this magnificent biosphere reserve. As part of the People to People Group Travel Program, Cuban specialists will host discussions and presentations on the marine environment, conservation, and the importance of this magnificent ecosystem.
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, the immense Zapata Biosphere Reserve is made up of healthy marshes, mangroves, coral reefs and forests that are home to crocodiles, birds, shellfish, turtles, and countless plants that make conservation in this region a top priority. Walls covered with sponges, black coral, caverns, schooling fish and abundant macro life makes Zapata a true divers delight. The week includes up to four dives per day. Diving begins Sunday morning. Some night dives will be offered during the week. There are two dives on Friday and a conservation program.
    Jardines Aggressor I®, Cuba
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Jardines Aggressor I®, Cuba

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