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   CUBA Cuba Educational Programs
M/V Oceans for Youth
M/V Oceans for Youth
ClAssroom-At-seA progrAms for ACAdemiC And non-profit groups only
The Classroom-at-Sea Programs provide students of all ages with a field-based course in tropical marine ecology and conservation. The course, “Dynamics and Conservation of Cuban Coastal Ecosystems” is taught by professors associated with the University of Havana, living and conducting research aboard the M/V Oceans for Youth. Days are spent in the field and evenings in seminars learning about the ecology of the area. The existing curriculum can be integrated with that of visiting educators or they can supply their own. Both snorkeling and optional scuba diving are included. Longer semester-at-Sea options are also available.
Trip details: eight days/seven nights, Saturday to Saturday, aboard M/V Oceans for Youth that sleeps 24 guests and eight staff; more information at
                     Most Traveled Guest
Colorado Diver Enjoys Nine Liveaboard Vacations in 2022
Most Traveled Guest
  Most scuba divers dream of spending one week in an exotic destination exploring the sea, but Phil Wiley took his passions a little further by diving nine weeks in one
Phil Wiley year aboard Aggressor Adventures® liveaboard yachts. As a special thank you from Aggressor Adventures®, Phil will receive a $1,000 travel voucher, a $150 Aggressor Boutique credit, and a Most Traveled Guest of 2022 Plaque. He hopes to start planning extended travels in the beautiful waters southern Asia and
the Pacific for 2023.
“I took my son to Belize aboard the Belize Aggressor IV®. This
was our first liveaboard. The Aggressor staff arranged a land tour of Belize, which was also excellent,” remarks Wiley. “With liveaboard diving, I jump over the side and wow, the wildlife is right there! Diving also affords an opportunity to travel to areas I would likely not visit were it not for the diving.”
“We are grateful for the loyalty of guests like Phil and their commitment to our brand. His love of adventure and affinity for international travel is inspiring. We are pleased to recognize Phil as our Most Traveled Guest of 2022,” shares Wayne Brown, CEO of Aggressor Adventures.
9 Trips in 2022
1. Maldives aggressor ii® 2. red sea aggressor re® 3. red sea aggressor re® 4. red sea aggressor ii® 5. red sea aggressor iii® 6. Belize aggressor iii®
7. Belize aggressor iv® 8. red sea aggressor ii® 9. red sea aggressor iii®
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