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                            Who is diving with us today? Our guests are from ...       

Australia - 7     

Belgium - 2     

Canada - 11     

China - 13     

Denmark - 2     

France - 4     

Germany - 2     

Guatemala - 1     

Hong Kong - 2     

Hungary - 2     

Indonesia - 1     

South Korea - 11     

Sweden - 1     

Switzerland - 1     

Taiwan - 2     

United Kingdom - 3     

USA - 223     

Virgin Islands (US) - 1     

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Discover the Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet LiveAboard Lifestyle today.

What makes the perfect liveaboard experience?  A choice of 22 thrilling itineraries combined with the worlds best diving, where safety is the first priority, scrumptious chef-prepared meals, between dive snacks, around the clock professional service with options to suit any budget for an all inclusive great value. Enjoy diving at it's best with Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet.

Featured Destination:

Cenderawasih Bay National Park, Raja Ampat
is one of the most exciting places to dive in Indonesia because of the Whale Sharks. Guests can spend hours diving with multiple Whale Sharks. Located in the Eastern fringe of the Indonesian Archipelago, Cenderawasih Bay is a remote natural wonder with 995 documented species of fish and over 500 types of coral, about 10 times greater than in the entire Caribbean.

Learn more about the Raja Ampat Aggressor.

News and Events:
  • New Raja Ampat Aggressor - Starting August 2015
    Learn more about the new Raja Ampat Aggressor and the 4 exciting itineraries offered.  Learn More >