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                            Who is diving with us today? Our guests are from ...       

Australia - 8     

Austria - 1     

Canada - 5     

China - 5     

Finland - 1     

France - 6     

Germany - 8     

Israel - 11     

Italy - 3     

Japan - 1     

Kuwait - 1     

New Zealand - 19     

Philippines - 1     

Russia - 25     

Saudi Arabia - 2     

Spain - 5     

Switzerland - 27     

United Arab Emirates - 1     

United Kingdom - 8     

USA - 110     

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Discover Aggressor Through a Different Lens 
Aggressor Safari Lodges - Sri Lanka 
Join us for a luxury safari adventure with Aggressor Safari Lodges™ which gives guests the opportunity for the ultimate escape. On the safari, guests will be given the opportunity to encounter the largest herd of elephants on the island of Sri Lanka as well as leopards, black bears, and other indigenous wild game. The property itself is home to a variety of wildlife such as Mouse Deer, Star Tortoise, Sri Lankan Giant Squirrels, Red Slender Loris, Peacocks, and host a range of exotic birds. The luxury 5 star safari lodge has a variety of amenities including a swimming pool, pool bar, and reception area. Guests who are traveling on the Maldives Aggressor II, Oman Aggressor, and Thailand Aggressor can easily do this as an add on excursion or separate vacation in itself. 

Featured Video:  Sri Lanka - Your Next Adventure is Here

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