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                            Who is diving with us today? Our guests are from ...       

Australia - 1     

Belgium - 1     

Canada - 10     

China - 30     

France - 2     

Germany - 12     

New Zealand - 2     

Romania - 4     

Russia - 1     

Spain - 1     

Switzerland - 5     

Thailand - 6     

United Kingdom - 5     

USA - 99     

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Raja Ampat


Discover the Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet LiveAboard Lifestyle today.

What makes the perfect liveaboard experience?  A choice of 22 thrilling itineraries combined with the worlds best diving, where safety is the first priority, scrumptious chef-prepared meals, between dive snacks, around the clock professional service with options to suit any budget for an all inclusive great value. Enjoy diving at it's best with Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet.

Featured Destination:
Family Week Report from the Belize Aggressor III
July 4 - 11, 2015

"There is no greater satisfaction than watching kids fall in love with scuba diving. Every summer I have the luxury of leading family weeks on different Caribbean yachts.
This summer I spent a week on the Belize Aggressor III. Here are some short videos narrated by the kids on why they love diving."
--Wayne Hasson, President

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