Inspired By Adventure Podcast

Season3: Unique Entrepreneurs
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  • Perry Barinowski founded Airstat Charters. A private flight company that has grown from one piston aircraft to 4 jets. Airstat is located in Thomson Georgia and covers all of North America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Watch video version here.

  • Dominic Hampshire served in the Scots Guards for ten years. In his last three years of that service, he was The Duke of Kent’s Equerry and it was his experiences in this role that formed the basis and ethos of both his bespoke UK travel company Latitude International and latter the Quad-Centenary Club. Watch the video version here.

  • Local icon Lionel Smith, a Haberdasher from Aiken, South Carolina, used his talents to create a successful men’s clothing store that draws customers from across the USA while still maintaining that small town vibe. Watch video version here.

  • Doug McNeese is a current second-generation dive shop owner and past owner of two scuba certification organizations, NASDS and SSI. SSI is one of the largest scuba certification organizations in the world. Watch the video version here.

  • Greg Pfleider has a 25 year history of successfully building businesses which require exceptional security and regulatory compliance. His current business, RiskSmart Advisors, provides an all in one WISP (Written Information Security Program) solution for for automotive, legal and independent insurance markets. Watch the video version here.

  • When Amy opened her restaurant, the Bluebird Cafe in 1982, she had no idea it would become Nashville’s Ellis Island for aspiring country singers and songwriters. Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift have her to thank for their careers in country music.  Listen in to hear her amazing story. Watch video version here.

  • We sit down with Paul Raley, the founder and CEO of Audality. Paul created a new wireless technology for full audio pass through. Hear his interesting story and how you bring a new technology to market! Watch video version here.

  • Dean Trevelino is an owner of Trevelino/Keller, an Atlanta based PR firm. Join Host Wayne Brown as he explores Dean’s background and how he made his way to the top of the business world. Watch full video podcast here.