Inspired By Adventure Podcast Series

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  • Mary Frances is the Editor-in-Chief of Scuba Diving Magazine and Sport Diver Magazine. We learn how she got into the dive industry and discuss her 8 Aggressor trips she has been on. Watch video version here.

  • Dr. Dittus is a primatologist (a branch of zoology that deals with primates) and behavioral ecologist based in Sri Lanka. We sit down with him to learn his fascinating life story and a his 50 years of research of the Toque Macaque Monkey. Watch video version here!

  • Emile Ghaly is a teacher turned tour guide and is well respected Egyptologist. We sit down with him to experience his passion for his homeland and how he is intertwined with the Aggressor Nile Queen. Watch video version here!

  • Even though we are nearly 10,000 miles away, we sit down for a discussion with Marlon Buultjeans, Sri Lanka Wildlife Ranger. Marlon tells us how his love for animals started and what its like to experience wildlife safaris with the Aggressor Safari Lodge. Watch video version here!

  • Richard Wiese is an American explorer, author, current President of the prestigious Explorer’s Club, and host and executive producer of the Emmy Award Winning TV Series, “Born To Explore”. Watch video version here!

  • We sit down with Doug McNeese, the President of International Business Development for Scuba Schools International to learn his story and talk diving. Watch video version here!

  • World-renowned artist, marine biologist, author, filmmaker, explorer, businessman; Doctor Guy Harvey has done it all. Join us for a virtual chat from the Cayman Islands with Guy Harvey to hear his interesting life story! Watch video version here!

  • Ever want to dive Belize? We invite our Operations Administrator, Debbie Boone, in to hear all about her recent trip aboard the Belize Aggressor IV! Debbie gives us insight on the flight, transfer, staff, food and of course the diving!

  • We sit down with the Aggressor Travel Department’s Lisa Stierwalt & Bob Thompson to discuss the upcoming NCAA Championship between their teams and also to learn about how they can help you with planning your trip. Watch video version here!

  • For over 30 years, Aggressor has been the exclusive home of the Mike & Mike Photography School. This duo has instructed thousands of beginner to experienced photographers worldwide. Their courses are fun, energetic and full of knowledge.

  • Join us for an interview with T.A.S.A. Executive Director, Valdemar Andrade, to learn more about this great organization and what they are doing to protect and sustain this very important atoll in Belize.

  • The Sea of Change Foundation is the partner non-profit to Aggressor Adventures. The SOC Foundation funds conservation and research initiatives that directly impact the natural world we all love to enjoy and explore.

  • Join us as we sit down with Aggressor CEO, Wayne Brown, to learn about updates on everything going on in the world of Aggressor!

  • Join us as we sit down for a one-on-one interview with Survivorman – Les Stroud as we discuss his show, his music, and his past and future Adventures with Aggressor!

  • Tec Clark is a scuba diving and free diving expert who has held very elite positions in the industry. Listen to our one on one interview with him.