Ownership Opportunities

Why You Should Join of the World of Aggressor?
In today’s market place, you must be part of an international brand to ensure you maximize your sales potential. It is too easy to get lost as an independent in the world of marketing and advertising amongst the many competitors you face today. There is no way to get your independent marketing and advertising budget in as many places as it needs to be to make a long-term profitable return as well as funding a reservations center and IT departments. Become part of the world’s largest adventure company and start maximizing your earnings while we do all the work!

Benefits of Aggressor Adventures® Ownership:
  • Comprehensive business plan and extensive Standard Operating Procedures
  • Allows owners to concentrate on operations and deliver the highest customer service while we handle all sales, reservations, advertising, IT, sustainability consulting, trade show and promotional materials
  • Start-up staff training
  • Dedicated full-time sales department working with over 4000 worldwide tour operators and travel agents
  • A licensed and bonded in-house ARC travel agency with dedicated full-time agents who support all reservations made by assisting guests with flights and pre- and post-tour hotel stays and activities
  • Dedicated IT infrastructure for websites, email newsletters, and in-depth data reporting to owners
  • A corporate structure that has 24/7 access to the operations team. 
  • All agency commissions paid from our net
  • Proprietary online reservation system that includes 24/7 sales via the Internet that operationally allows the owners access to real time occupancy, departure manifests, and sales productivity reports. In addition, all guests’ paperwork is completed interactively on line and is electronically captured and managed through the our custom designed GIS (Guest Information System)
  • Power of combined advertising allows for large and effective ads in industry related magazines in all major and emerging markets at reduced rates
  • Greater web advertising exposure with the largest ad budget in internet advertising in the industry
  • Trade show budgets allow for brand presence at all major trade shows worldwide
  • Lower operational overhead. You do not incur the costs of dedicated staff or infrastructure for sales, reservations, advertising, IT, and promotional expenses
  • Increased profits - 3% - 5% reservation credit card processing fee is our expense, not yours
  • Annual meeting that delivers an extensive overview of the year in review and a one-on-one meeting with each licensee reviewing their specific operational data
  • With the quantity of destinations in the company, we are always in tune with the worldwide industry business environment and market trends
  • Worldwide, established brand that has delivered consistent customer service for over 30 years with a very loyal 300,000+ following!
Operational Requirement
  • The prospective group will have at least one partner with a successful business management background and one partner who can qualify as the Principal Operator.
  • If the Principal Operator does not live in the operational area, a local agent must be appointed and live in the operational area throughout the term of the agreement.
To become part of the largest adventure company, call CEO Wayne B. Brown at 706-737-7687 or email CEO@aggressor.com