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"The Philippines. One of the most sought after diving destinations in the world." -- CEO Wayne B. Brown

Explore the Philippines aboard the  Philippines Aggressor and Philippines Aggressor II. All new itineraries offer glorious reefs, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, Moorish idols, Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, eels and more! Beautiful Tubbataha Reefs National park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  An Aggressor destination since 2022.

The scuba diving in the Philippines on a liveaboard covers a vast area with over 7640 islands. The Philippines Aggressor and Philippines Aggressor II offer superb dive sites with cruises to Tubbataha Atoll and Visayas/Cebu region. 

  • There are 2 itineraries with 7 and 10 nights charters offered.
  • 7-night charters: average 20 dives for Tubbataha and up to 22 dives (including nights dives) for other itineraries.  
  • 10-night charters: average up to 27 dives including nights dives.
  • Depth Range:  40 – 130 ft (12m – 40m)
  • Water temperature averages 77 - 85F, 21 - 29C.
  • 3mm wetsuit recommended

All dives are made from the 20 ft custom built zodiacs capable of carrying 12 guests.

Philippines Itineraries

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All destinations are independently owned and operated