Travel With The Owner


Join Aggressor Adventures' Owner Wayne Brown for a week of adventure, fun and memorable experiences.


Wayne is an avid  explorer and photographer/videographer who spends much of his time finding new exciting destination around the world for our guests. Join him for an exciting adventure on Aggressor Liveaboards®, Aggressor River Cruises®, Aggressor Signature Resorts™ or Aggressor Floating Resorts®..

Wine Appreciation Week

Join Aggressor Adventures® CEO Wayne Brown for a wine appreciation and tasting charter. Sample unique vintages of red and white wines and learn impressive facts to tempt your palate for more. It will be a fun-filled week of sharing stories, toasts and fun facts about wine. 

During the week, you will have the opportunity to view many of the videos of WineWorks, created under the direction of Wayne Brown. Expect great diving, great company and great accommodations all while learning about great wines. During the wine tasting charters, the dusk dives are offered (no night dives) so everyone can participate in the wine tasting at dinner.

Roatan Aggressor
Wine Appreciation Week
March 8 - 15,  2025Bt Booknow 250x40px
Creature Feature Week

CEO Wayne Brown will give short presentations between dinner and the night dives about specific creatures. Learn how to tell the difference between a green back and a hawksbill turtle. Hear about the life cycle of an octopus. Ever wonder what jellyfish larvae look like or how a bull shark got its name?

Learn fascinating facts about the creatures you will encounter while on your liveaboard diving adventure.

Thailand Aggressor
Creature Feature Week
January 18 - 25, 2025

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