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Our Green the Fleet® program strives to make the adventure lifestyle environmentally sustainable for our guests and for the health of our oceans and lands.


Aggressor Adventures® recognizes the urgent plight of our environment and works to combine excellent service with environmental awareness, actions and stewardship.

To continually increase environmental sustainability across our operations, Green the Fleet® will work toward eliminating single-use plastics from all Aggressor destinations beginning with plastic straws, cups and utensils. Single-use plastic water bottles are being phased out and replaced with stainless steel, reusable water bottles.

To further help protect the coral reefs, Aggressor’s Green the Fleet® initiative will provide Stream2Sea coral-safe sunscreen and shampoo for divers, as available.




All our welcome briefings include information about our environmental initiatives, conserving water, and the importance of respectful interactions with wild life. New sustainability initiatives will build on existing green operations across the company.



Here are just a few examples of our sustainability initiatives across our yachts, destinations, and corporate operations:


  • Where available, switching from single-use plastic bags to small, compostable, non-plastic garbage bags;
  • Sourcing their seafood from a local, certified responsible fishery, and purchasing only locally sourced meats and produce;
  • Participating in local recycling efforts and donating any items that are still in good condition to local charities;
  • Purchasing beverages in glass bottles or cans only and providing each guest with a complimentary reusable water bottle;
  • Eliminating all plastic straws;
  • Limiting single-use plastic food storage bags by using reusable storage containers;
  • Using primarily non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners;
  • Supplying or encouraging the use of "coral safe" sunscreens;
  • Switching to all energy-efficient LED lights.



Aggressor Safari Lodges are focused on sustainability and giving back to their communities. The lodges support conservation and community-based programs in many ways that directly engage both their culture and their love of nature.


At Aggressor, it is important to develop a significant positive influence on the local people, the environment, the wildlife and the tourism.


Below are examples of what we are doing:

Aggressor Safari Lodges® - Sri Lanka


  • The lodge staff are predominantly from surrounding local villages. Our hospitality training offers employment with higher income and opportunity than local farming activities.
  • Local villagers and farmers surrounding the Aggressor Safari Lodge and bordering Wilpattu National Park are being offered financial incentives to bring wild animals they would normally trap, poach or eat that encroach on their land from the park to the Sri Lanka lodge for release back into the Kalaoya River and Wilpattu Park. Rescued species have included crocodile, mouse deer, tortoise, freshwater turtles/terrapins, peacocks, water and land monitor lizards and hares.
  • Solar power is used to reduce our carbon footprint.


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Aggressor Adventure’s conservation charity of choice is the Sea of Change Foundation. The foundation was founded by Aggressor’s CEO Wayne B. Brown with the mission to create positive change in the natural world we all love to enjoy and explore. One hundred precent of all funds raised go directly to conservation projects around the world focusing on three key focus areas: Coral Reefs – Restoration and Resilience; Ocean Pollution – Public Awareness & Action; Threatened Species and Habitats.