Why Choose Nitrox

Nitrox Unlimited includes diving nitrox for all diving days and will be charged to the guest’s on board account.


Nitrox Student Fills are for students who take the Nitrox Specialty Course then chooses to dive Nitrox for the remainder of the diving days.


Nitrox Unlimited: $100

This includes all Nitrox fills at 32% for certified Nitrox divers. Proof of certification required.

   - 7 night charters . . . $100
   - 8 night charters . . . $125
   - 10 night charters . . . $150

   - daily rate is pro-rated by diving days


Nitrox Student Fills: $80

This includes all nitrox tank fills at 32% beyond the specialty certification and only available to those who also take the course while on board.

   - 7 night charters . . . $80
   - 8 night charters . . . $105
   - 10 night charters . . . $130

- price for Nitrox Course $150  

Why You Should Choose Nitrox:

Breathe less nitrogen when you dive… The primary benefit for using enriched air while diving is that you are exposed to less nitrogen when you go diving. The higher the percentage of oxygen in the cylinder means you will be breathing less nitrogen. You can use this benefit to your advantage to extend your no stop time during your dives, so you get longer dive times, especially when completing repetitive dives.

Longer bottom times… Typically when using enriched air divers will get mixes which are 32% oxygen, and this makes enriched air ideal for diving at shallower depths. For example, when diving with air to 60 feet (18 meters) using a dive planner, you would have a maximum no stop limit of 56 minutes on a single dive. For the same depth, but using a 32% mix of enriched air, you would have a no stop limit of 95 minutes at 60 feet (18 meters). Potentially this means that you would have up to an additional 39 minutes dive time on this profile compared with air, though don’t forget to check your gauges as you will still be breathing through the gas in your cylinder at the same rate.

Enhance your adventure… Divers who enjoy some of the most benefits of diving with enriched air are those who like to take diving adventures. If you are planning a liveaboard diving adventure you can expect to complete a lot of repetitive dives over several days. If you are using enriched air to extend your bottom time, this could potentially equate to hours of additional dive time over the course of the adventure – imagine how many more critters you might see!

Why Aggressor Yachts Charge For Nitrox:

At Aggressor Adventures, we plan our liveaboard itineraries to never exceed recreational dive limits. For those Nitrox certified divers that wish to use a higher mix during the adventure, we have invested the additional cost installing these complex systems. Just as with every dive shop around the world, these tank fills are at a small additional cost during the week.