Standard Operating Procedures


At Aggressor Adventures, we specialize in selling travel programs that offer rich experiential adventures to our guests.  We want our customers to feel safe and secure during their trips, which is why we prioritize safety above all else. Each destination we offer is independently owned and operated, giving them the freedom to maintain their unique characteristics and represent their culture.


Our corporate Operations team works with each destination to ensure they follow their brand's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual, which allows for a consistent guest experience and provides written instructions for staff training, regardless of the location.  Objective guest surveys track guest satisfaction and allow any issues with a destination to be addressed quickly.


All our destinations employ highly trained and professionally licensed staff who comply with local laws and regulations, including maritime operations that meet their flag state requirements. Destinations have redundant power and water systems, emergency communication systems, and smoke alarms to enhance our guests' safety.


In destinations offering SCUBA, Dive Professionals affiliated with major scuba diving training organizations like PADI or SSI are hired operate the diving programs. Oxygen is also available at all diving destinations to treat diving accidents.


Each destination conducts annual reviews and updates on their storm and evacuation plans, as well as regular emergency drills to ensure staff preparedness emergency situations.


We are committed to providing our guests with safe and unforgettable travel experiences. So, join us at Aggressor Adventures and get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!