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Friends, families or colleagues,  grab a small or large group and earn FREE spaces. The bigger the group, the more FREE spaces! (Resellers should contact for group travel)  Our experienced Aggressor Travel Planners will help you coordinate the ideal vacation for your group from start to finish. There is no better way to spend quality time together!Grouptravel Img Copy

Here’s how it works:

  • Grab your group; choose your Aggressor destination and dates then make one reservation.
  • Designate one person to be in charge of the reservation who will work closely with the Aggressor Travel Planner.
  • Deposit $1500 and sign a group contract; view group terms and conditions.
Advantages of Group Travel:
  • Lock in rates and dates through 2026.
  • Provides flexible payment and cancellation policies if booked more than 9 months out.
  • There is no age limit if the whole yacht, river cruise or safari lodge is booked.
  • Our Detours Team can assist with airline travel, hotel nights and tour options.

Our Reservation Team will work with you on answering any reservation-specific questions including about the destination, making payments and more.  We highly recommend everyone review and purchase insurance including CFAR (cancel for any reason) insurance.

We encourage you to on our website; contact our Reservations team at 800-348-2628 or +1-706-993-2531,  or book through your Aggressor Approved Travel Agent, Dive Store, or Tour Operator


Aggressor Liveaboards®

Bahamas Aggressor
12 Pay/2 FREE  •  6 Pay/1 FREE

Belize Aggressor III
16 Pay/2 FREE  •  8 Pay/1 FREE

Belize Aggressor IV
18 Pay/2 FREE  •  8 Pay/1 FREE

BVI Aggressor
18 Pay/2 FREE  •  9 Pay/1 FREE

Cayman Aggressor IV
16 Pay/2 FREE  •  8 Pay/1 FREE

Cocos Island Aggressor
18 Pay/4 FREE  •  9 Pay/2 FREE  •  6 Pay/1 FREE

Cuba Jardines Aggressor II (Gardens of the Queen)
21 Pay/3 FREE  •  12 Pay/2 FREE

Cuba M/V Oceans For Youth
18 Pay/6 FREE  •  8 Pay/1 FREE
Oceans For Youth Foundation.
Legal EcoExploration Program

Galapagos Aggressor III
14 Pay/2 FREE  •  8 Pay/1 FREE



Maldives Aggressor II
19 Pay/3 FREE  •  10 Pay/2 FREE  •  5 Pay/1 FREE

Okeanos Aggressor II (Cocos)
18 Pay/4 FREE  •  9 Pay/2 FREE  •  6 Pay/1 FREE

Palau Aggressor II
16 Pay/2 FREE  •  8 Pay/1 FREE

Philippines Aggressor & Philippines Aggressor II
21 Pay/3 FREE  •  11 Pay/2 FREE

Raja Ampat Aggressor (Indonesia)
14 Pay/2 FREE  •  7 Pay/1 FREE

Red Sea Aggressor II
16 Pay/6 FREE  •  8 Pay/3 FREE  •  5 Pay/1 FREE 

Red Sea Aggressor IV
19 Pay/7 FREE  •  10 Pay/4 FREE  •  5 pay/1 FREE 

Roatan Aggressor
16 Pay/2 FREE  •  8 Pay/1 FREE

Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
16 Pay/2 FREE  •  8 Pay/1 FREE 


Aggressor River Cruises®

Aggressor Nile Queen II
16 Pay/4 FREE  •  8 Pay/2 FREE  •  5 Pay/1 FREE 

Aggressor Safari Lodges

Sri Lanka Safari Lodge
12 Pay/4 FREE  •  6 Pay/2 FREE  

Aggressor Floating Resorts

Red Sea, Egypt
24 Pay/8 FREE  •  12 Pay/4 FREE  •  5 Pay/1 FREE

Red Sea Kite Surfing Charters; Mar-Aug & Dec
24 Pay/8 FREE  • 18 Pay/6 FREE


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