Courses Offered

Course fees are payable once onboard and the instructor confirms the course.  The training agency utilized to provide your course will vary based on your instructor's affiliations. Other specialty courses may be available onboard and will be presented to you after your arrival as part of your initial briefings.  (note that courses are not offered on the Jardines Aggressor II)

Open Water Check-Out Dives - $150

After completing pool and classroom work at home, bring a referral form or letter from your instructor stating the portion of your work completed. You will then complete the Open Water portion of the certification on board.

Advanced Courses

These two programs are very similar and designed for novice divers looking to gain experience in planning and executing dives on their own while working with an instructor.  Each program allows you to explore five different specialty dive areas as well.  For each specialty dive you complete, you can earn credit towards that specialty certification.  A few of the many options available on Aggressor LiveAboards are: Deep, Digital Underwater Photography, Enriched Air Nitrox, Fish Identification, Limited Visibility Night, Buoyancy Workshops, Underwater Naturalist, Navigation, and Wreck Diver. 

The Advanced course is all about having fun and gaining experience. The “theory” portion of the eLearning introduced divers to the new environment of the dive they will be experiencing. The academic prep time to review each section is 30-60 minutes per dive.  There is no written “final exam” for the course.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course: 
This course is all about advancing your skills. You'll practice navigation and buoyancy, try deep diving and make three specialty dives of your choosing.
      $150 Training Fee (payable directly onboard the yacht)
      $204 PADI eLearning Fee (payable directly at 

SSI Advanced Adventurer Course: 
With this program, you can try five different specialties before committing to full specialty programs. It is a great way to experience what advanced diver training is all about and how valuable it can be to your diving adventures.
       $250 Training Fee & Digital Materials Fee (payable directly onboard the yacht)

Nitrox Certification Course

This course includes all necessary equipment (tanks with Nitrox, use of oxygen analyzer, instructor, and check-out dives). Students may continue to dive Nitrox, using the Student Fill rate for the entire week once they have completed the course.

SSI Nitrox Course
 $250 Training Fee & Digital Materials Fee (payable directly onboard the yacht)

PADI Nitrox Course
 $150 Training Fee (payable directly onboard the yacht)
 $204 PADI eLearning Fee (payable directly at

Nitrox Student Fills:
 $80 for 7-nights          $130  for 10 nights       
This includes all Nitrox tank fills at 32% beyond the certification level and is only available to those who take the course onboard.

Nitrox Unlimited (for certified Nitrox Divers)
 $100 for 7-nights          $150 for 10-nights        (daily rate is pro-rated by diving day)
This includes all Nitrox fills at 32% for certified Nitrox Diver; proof of certification is required.

Training Fee & Student Package Fee

All students will need to pay both the Training Fee and Student Package Fee for each course.  The Guest Information System (GIS) will allow you to request one of the above courses in advance and will give the yacht staff advance notice of your intent.  It is not a commitment on your part to take the course.  The requested course is confirmed once onboard and any fees will be paid at the end of your trip.

Student Packages (materials):   
  • Advanced and Nitrox courses both utilize e-learning materials.  Your instructor should be able to help you arrange for access to download them to your phone, tablet, or laptop before the yacht leaves range of an internet signal. 
  • When enrolling in a PADI eLearning program, you will pay PADI directly and then download your materials. 
  • For students enrolling in SSI courses, please download the free MySSI App on your tablet or smartphone.  You’ll be able to review your Digital Materials on it, even while offline. 
  • Student Packages are non-refundable.  Once you have obtained a digital student package from PADI or SSI they are yours to keep.
SSI:                    PADI:


Course Requirements

To enroll in any scuba training program, all students must complete the Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire. Minors must have this signed by a parent or guardian. The purpose of the Medical Questionnaire is to find out if your doctor should examine you before participating in recreational diver training.  If you have questions, please consult with your physician. All certification agencies require students to complete this form. Please present this form along with the signed Physicians Evaluation Form (if needed) to the onboard instructor to begin any course work.

Request To Conduct Training Onboard

Instructors who wish to teach their own students while on board an Aggressor Liveaboard must provide an “Additional Insured” certificate from their current Professional Underwater Liability Insurance provider that names Aggressor Adventures, LLC, and the yacht operating company as additional insureds (Aggressor agents can provide this).  Independent instruction is limited to those guests who are traveling on the same reservation as the instructor. 

Scuba Refresher Course


If you haven’t been diving in a while, we highly recommend you visit your local PADI or SSI dive store to schedule a refresher course with a dive professional for in-water training and practice so you are ready for your next diving adventure.  This is an efficient way to refresh your dive knowledge and scuba skills.  Aggressor Liveaboards do not offer refresher courses onboard.