Dive Equipment & Rentals

Aggressor diving adventures provides the following equipment to guests:

  • 80 cu-ft tank filled with air using K valves 
  • Weights and weight belts

Tanks with K valves will work with most standard regulators. Each destination has a limited number of adapters (4 - 6) for use. We strongly recommend traveling with your own adapter to ensure your configuration can be used as you desire.  


These yachts accommodate K and DIN valves:  It is not necessary to travel with an adapter:  Cocos Island Aggressor, Okeanos Aggressor II, Maldives Aggressor II, Philippines Aggressor, Aggressor Floating Resort, Red Sea Aggressor II, and Red Sea Aggressor IV. 

Equip Rental2 Img2 Valves

Aggressor Required Diving Equipment

All SCUBA diving activities are required to utilize the following equipment:


The following equipment is required for each diver (in addition to what is provided above).

  • Masks, fins, snorkel
  • Buoyancy Compensator with power inflator
  • Regulator system with 1st stage, primary 2nd stage, and alternate second stage
  • Submersible pressure gauge
  • Dive Computer

Recommended for each diver:

  • Exposure protection or wetsuit
  • SMB signaling device for deploying from depth with reel or spool (required in destinations diving from a tender
  • Surface signaling device (whistle or similar)
  • Reef hook (depending on the destination)
  • DIN valve adapter (if needed)
  • Gloves (unless the destination does not allow them)
  • Nautilus Marine Rescue Unit

Aggressor Loaner Program

Equip Rental 400pxAggressor Adventures in partnership with Aqualung is pleased to offer guests a 'Free Loaner' during their cruise if a piece of equipment fails or if your luggage is lost during transit to the yacht. (based on availability)

Note: Yacht staff are not permitted to attempt repairs on the inner workings of guests' dive equipment, camera equipment or electronic equipment.


Nitrox Unlimited: $100

This includes all Nitrox fills at 32% for certified Nitrox divers. Proof of certification required.

7 night charters . . . . $100
8 night charters . . . . $125
10 night charters . . . $150
- daily rate is pro-rated by diving days

Nitrox Student Fills: $80

This includes all nitrox tank fills at 32% beyond the certification level and only available to those who take the course onboard.


7 night charters . . . . $80
8 night charters . . . . $105
10 night charters . . . $130

Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

7 nights . . . $25 Maldives Aggressor II

(available  complimentary on the Palau Aggressor II, Rock Islands Aggressor, Cocos Island Aggressor, Okeanos Aggressor II, & Galapagos Aggressor III) 

100 cubic ft and/or 15L Tank Rentals

The yachts make every effort to have larger tanks available when requested but cannot guarantee availability. If the request is met, it will be on a first come first serve basis and the prices are: 
7 night charters…. $75.   10 night charters…. $120.

Rebreathers - Aggressor Liveaboards® yachts are not able to support rebreather diving. Rebreather divers may be accommodated on private charters by special request.

Solo/Independent Diver Diving:   All dives from Aggressor Liveaboards are buddy team dives.  A buddy team consists of two or three individuals. Dive staff are not considered “buddies” unless the guest and dive staff member are the only individuals participating in the dive.

Sidemount Diving - Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has diving cylinders mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips, instead of on the back of the diver. For logistical reasons, the Aggressor Liveaboards® will only accept sidemount divers using single tank configurations.

Private Dive Guides

Private dive guides are not available. Our goal is to ensure that all guests have an equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy the underwater experience. We aim to avoid providing services that would result in exclusive or unequal adventure encounters for different guests.

Underwater Photography   


Today’s compact digital cameras make it easy for first time u/w photographers to capture beautiful images and video. Aggressor Liveaboards offer photo courses and coaching on all yachts by photo pros.

If you would like to purchase a camera set up, we highly recommend contacting Backscatter.