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Belize is a wall diver's paradise adorned with huge crimson gorgonians and giant orange elephant ear sponges.

On our Belize liveaboard scuba diving trip in the Caribbean, you will enjoy a week of hassle-free diving at Lighthouse Reef and Half Moon Caye where the moray eels, spiny lobsters and tiny arrow crabs hide in every crack, crevice, cave and tunnel of these beautiful coral formations and then there's the mystical Blue Hole.

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  An Aggressor destination since 1987.

Every Saturday at 6 pm, the luxurious Belize Aggressor III®  & Belize Aggressor IV® casts off for liveaboard scuba diving from the Radisson Ft. George dock located in the heart of downtown Belize City.

  • Diving begins Sunday morning and ends Friday around noon when the yachts returns to port.
  • Average of up to 27 dives on 7 night charters, 42 on 10 night charters (multiple day dives and a night dive each evening)
  • All dives are from the yacht.
  • 3mm wetsuit recommended
  • Water temperature range from 78 - 82F, 25 - 28C. 

A 15 ft. x 4 ft. tender is available to take guests for optional shore excursions during the week. 

Belize Dive Sites

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