Special Message

Last Updated:                      02-April-2020           08:00  EST
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Here at Aggressor Adventures, we strive to be an industry leader; and we work hard to serve our guests to the very best of our abilities. This sometimes means adapting our business and service efforts to accommodate whatever life may throw at us.
The travel industry is in a short hiatus right now, but we want you to know that we haven’t just shuttered our destinations like most of our competitors.
Instead, we’re planning and preparing for when we’re back to creating your Adventure of a Lifetime®. All destination staff is working during this downtime to ensure you come back to a refreshed and ready adventure.
Some of the items we’re working on include:
- Deep cleanings and disinfecting all areas for safe return of guests
- Refreshing and cleaning environmental systems, ie; air conditioners and watermakers
- Preforming preventative maintenance on rental regulators and other gear with complete cleaning and sterilization
- Painting and repairing cosmetic wear and tear
- Organizing, testing, and servicing emergency equipment such as firefighting gear, life rings, life jackets, and more
- Larger scale preventative maintenance on all diesel engines and generators
- Updating all briefings and presentations
- Running drills and training for response to emergency situations
- Carpet steam cleaning
- Upholstery repairs
- Brass polishing
- and so much more!
Every destination will be clean, refreshed and operating at our 5-star level on your return. Our staff is making sure that together, we come out stronger than before!



NOTE: Information regarding arrival restrictions changes quickly with little or no advance notice.  Every effort is being made to update the information as quickly as possible.

Country: Bahamas
Adventure Program:      Bahamas Aggressor (Operational)
Last Updated:      30-Mar-2020    11:30 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      The Bahamas has enacted an Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Order from 9am on 20-March-2020 to 9am on 08-April-2020. Subject to the provisions of this Order, every person shall remain in the confines of their dwelling home, inclusive of their yard space.
All establishments, institutions, businesses, offices, stores, and organizations are to suspend operations to the general public except those that are approved and deemed exempted by this order.  Exempted are doctors’ offices, pharmacies, gas stations, medical supply establishments, hotels, banks, commercial ports and related businesses, airports, laundromats, drive thru or take away food vendors, construction companies, and others exempted in writing by the Competent Authority.
Social distancing is mandated of three to six feet. No social gatherings. No travel on public bus, mail boat or other inter-island vessel, or commercial sea transport that is non-essential. The transport of cargo is still permitted.
No Entry: Any non-resident who has visited China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the EU in last twenty (20) days prior to arrival in The Bahamas.
Country:      Belize
Adventure Program:  Belize Aggressor III, Belize Aggressor IV (Operational)
Last Updated:      31-Mar-2020 14:20 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
On March 30th the Prime Minister of Belize declared a National State of Emergency beginning at midnight Wednesday, April 1st for 30 days.  Residents are to shelter in place during daylight hours and only come out for essential supplies.  A curfew is in place from 8pm to 5am every day.  During this time all airports and seaports will remain closed. 
Country:      Cayman Islands
Adventure Program:      Cayman Aggressor V (Operational)
Last Updated:      19-Mar-2020 13:15
Arrival Restrictions:
No Entry: The Cayman Government has suspended entry for all travelers into the Cayman Islands for 3 weeks beginning March 19, 2020. Airports will be closed beginning 22 March, at 11:59pm until Sunday, 12 April.
No Entry: Visitors from the following countries will be denied entry: All countries in the Schengen area (ie: EU), China, Iran, Japan, South Korea. Effective 13-Mar-2020 for 60 days (12-May-2020)
Arriving passengers, if they have symptoms consistent with any respiratory illness, to seek medical attention and share their travel history with healthcare worker. 
Country:      Costa Rica
Adventure Program:      Okeanos Aggressor I, Okeanos Aggressor II (Operational)
Last Updated:      16-Mar-2020
Arrival Restrictions:      No Entry: The Costa Rican government has suspended entry for all travelers into Costa Rica until April 12, 2020.
Country:      Cuba
Adventure Program:      Jardines Aggressor II (Operational)
Last Updated:      23-March-2020 09:45 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
On the evening of 20-March, the government of Cuba announced that from Monday, 23-March (midnight) only Cuban Nationals and foreign residents will be allowed to enter Cuba. All will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days. This measure applies for 30 days and is subject to review.  
Country:      Dominican Republic
Adventure Program:      Turks and Caicos Aggressor II (Operational)
Last Updated:      18-Mar-2020 08:41 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
All commercial activities cease for the next 15 days. This includes closing the borders by air, sea and land. The entry of ferry planes will be allowed for the departure of foreign citizens who want to return to their countries and the arrival of planes, cargo ships and fuels to guarantee supplies to the population will be permitted. 
Effective 19-March-2020 (Thursday) 06:00 am local time.
Country:      Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
Adventure Program:      Galapagos Aggressor III (Operational)
Last Updated:      19-Mar-2020 09:35 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
Suspension from 00:00 on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 until midnight on Sunday, April 5, 2020, of all flights that transport passengers from international destinations to Ecuador. Excluded are flights that only transport goods, merchandise, postal shipments or supplies and humanitarian and heath aid.
Foreign travelers can only enter the territory of Ecuador until midnight, Sunday, March 15, 2020
Country:      Egypt
Adventure Program:      Red Sea Aggressor II,  Red Sea Aggressor III, Aggressor Nile Queen (Operational)
Last Updated:      25-March-2020  11:45
Arrival Restrictions:      Egypt suspended all flights through April 15, 2020. 
Country:      Indonesia
Adventure Program:      Indo Aggressor and Raja Ampat Aggressor (Operational)
Last Updated:      01-Apr-2020 08:45 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
(All) Effective 02 April 2020 the Indonesian Government is temporarily restricting all foreigners from entering into or transiting through the Indonesian Territory.  
(Indo Aggressor) Komodo National Park is closed until May 29. 
Country:      Maldives
Adventure Program:      Maldives Aggressor II (Operational)
Last Updated:      01-April-2020  09:45 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
The Maldives Government has declared a public health emergency.  The visa on arrival program is suspended until further notice.   Any foreigner wishing to visit the Maldives must obtain a visa in advance.
Country:      Mexico
Adventure Program:      Socorro Aggressor (Operational)
Last Updated:      01-Apr-2020  09:15 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
The government of Mexico has declared a state of emergency from March 30 to April 30.  All activities in natural protected areas, port operations, and non-essential businesses are closed.  
Country:      Oman
Adventure Program:      Oman Aggressor (Operational)
Last Updated:      16-Mar-2020
Arrival Restrictions:      
Omani authorities have suspended entry for all travelers into the Sultanate’s territories for all land, sea and airports except for citizens of Oman and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. (17-Mar-2020)
 Suspending all tourist visas including visa on arrival for all countries, valid visas, and the issuance of new eVisas.
Country:      Palau (Republic of)
Adventure Program:      Palau Aggressor II, Rock Islands Aggressor (Operational)
Last Updated:      25-Mar-2020 08:15
Arrival Restrictions:      
The last passenger flight off the island will be Thursday, March 26, 2020 in order to pick up out-bound passengers. Over the next two weeks Palau will be closed to foreign passenger arrivals. Flights are anticipated to resume on April 9, 2020.
Country:      Philippines
Adventure Program:      Philippines Aggressor (Operational)
Last Updated:      17-Mar-2020 13:41
Arrival Restrictions:      
All gateways from Luzon region (which includes Manila) will be closed on Friday (March 20) at midnight for arrivals of foreigners. Only Filipino passengers shall be allowed entry. 
Duration:     Effective March 17 until midnight, April 13, 2020.
Country:      Roatan (Honduras)
Adventure Program:      Roatan Aggressor (Operational)
Last Updated:      30-March-2020 13:00 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
The Honduran government extended its closure of all international airports until 3:00pm, Sunday, April 12. Travelers should check with individual air carriers to confirm flight options beyond that date and those with existing itineraries should reconfirm their departure details.
Country:      Sri Lanka
Adventure Program:      Aggressor Safari Lodge (Operational)
Last Updated:      01-April-2020 09:30 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
All passenger flights and ship arrivals into Sri Lanka have stopped until the Coronavirus threat is under control.  A very limited schedule of departure flights is operating.  Visas on arrival have been suspended.  
Country:      Thailand
Adventure Program:      Thailand Aggressor (Operational)
Last Updated:      23-March-2020 11:30 EST
Arrival Restrictions:      
All National Parks and Forest parks in Thailand are closed from 25-March-2020.  Closure has been implemented to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 
Effective Saturday, 21-March midnight, all Foreign passengers traveling to Thailand must show the following documents to the airlines before check-in at the origin of airport: 
(1) Health Certificate certifying that the passenger has no evidence of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), issued no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel.
(2) Proof of Health Insurance / Health Insurance policy that shows minimum medical coverage of $100,000 USD in Thailand and covers COVID-19 Disease.  
Passengers are also required to provide address in Thailand inform T8 in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act B.E. 2558 (2015) and submit to the communicable disease control officials at the international communicable disease control checkpoint of their destination airports in Thailand or submit the form via AOT Airports Application. After that, they must be subject to isolation, quarantine, under observation, or any other measures for the prevention and control of communicable diseases as prescribed by the communicable disease control officials. 
Country:      Turks & Caicos Islands
Adventure Program:      Turks and Caicos Aggressor II (Operational)
Last Updated:      22-Mar-2020 08:30
Arrival Restrictions:      
No Entry: All airports and seaports are closed. No visitor shall be permitted to enter or transit through the Turks and Caicos Islands for a period of 21 days. This regulation comes into operation on 24-March-2020 at midnight (through midnight 14-Apr-2020). 
Additional measures for travelers having traveled to, from, or through an infected country within 20 days. Infected country means: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City and any other country which the Governor declares.
No entry is permitted for visitors having traveled to, from, or through an infected country.
Country:      USA (State of Hawaii)
Adventure Program:      Kona Aggressor II (Operational)
Last Updated:      02-Apr-2020   08:00
Arrival Restrictions:      
All commercial operator use permits in state waters have been suspended effective immediately.   The suspension is consistent with Governor Ige’s Third Supplemental Proclamation taking effect on March 25, 2020 at 12:01 am and lasting until April 30, 2020 11:59 pm.